10 Healthy Sleeping Tips

10 Healthy Sleeping Tips in Urdu

Per night you should sleep between six and eight hours. However, switching off and coming to rest falls in everyday life is not always easy. A healthy sleep many people dream of him when they lie awake night after night and are on a desperate search for peaceful rest. For as simple as it sounds, healthy sleep is not self evident.

Healthy Sleeping Tips in Urdu

10 Healthy Sleeping Tips

Read here Top 10 healthy sleeping tips and top 10 tips for good night sleep in Urdu.

Tips # 1

Try to come to rest at noon and disable negative thoughts. It can help a 20 minute nap or relaxation exercises.

Tips # 2

Especially in the winter time you should get out in the sun as often as possible. To recharge the Hormone Serotonin, from the evening is the sleep Hormone Melatonin.

Tips # 3

Take an evening stroll. Thus, the body is once again enabled. Then when you get home, change your clothing. In this way you loose symbolic of the day.

Tips # 4

If you do not let go of the day, write down what happened today 3 good things and 3 bad things and 3 things you want to do tomorrow. This helps to process and complete the day.

Healthy Sleeping Tips in Urdu

Tips # 5

Your last big meal should you take 3 hours before bedtime. Thus, the body has time to digest the food. You should avoid alcohol.

Although he makes first tired at night, the liver has to break down the alcohol but then. Really is not relaxing.

Tips # 6

In winter, a warm bath can be very relaxing and ensure warm feet. After bathing, you feel pleasantly tired and falls asleep easier.

Tips # 7

If you watch TV or play on the computer here, your body brings the bed also with other things than sleeping together.

The unconscious consequence you are still internally set to activity while you are supposed to be already in sleep mode.

Tips # 8

At night, the body changes between sleep stages. An orientation who gets up at six clock can go to sleep at 22.30 clock or 24 clock. Then the body is in the morning light sleep phase.

Tips # 9

Fragrances and fresh air have an effect on our sleep. A research study found that 81% of peoples wake up relaxed in fresh bedding. Therefore, wash regularly and ventilate.

Tips # 10

If you are awake at night and can not sleep don’t fret. Even while lying relaxed your body. Try not to force yourself to sleep, think of something nice. Sometime you are tired again, otherwise prefer to get up.

10 Healthy Sleeping Tips in Urdu

10 Healthy Sleeping Tips in Urdu

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