3G and WiFi

3G or WiFi Calls

3G or WiFi Calls

Free communication programs spread through the Internet, which allows users to make 3G or WiFi calls from the smartphone, tablet and PC to anywhere in the world. Also calls are high quality, which is one of most important attempts to telecommunications companies in the world to keep up with evolution.

After the promotion of Internet services technology the 3G and fourth-generation 4G, and programs that gained importance by users to make free 3G or WiFi calls are as follows:

3G or WiFi Calls

Here we give you short details of those programs which support 3G or WiFi calls. Through these programs you can make free 3G or WiFi calls, also can send send your pictures to your friends and family members and can send free SMS to your love ones.

#1 Viber

Viber is free calling program, which allows to make calls and send text messages. It also lets send pictures as well as conduct video chats, and works by using free calls feature.

Viber automatically identify friends who use Viber, and add them to the program’s contact list.

#2 Skype

Skype allows communication through the Internet, where you can make video calls through free talks with friends around the world.

Also you can make individual or collective talks, as well as allows to make calls to any landline or mobile number at cheap prices with high-quality feature.

#3 Line

Line another VoIP calling app that allows contact with friends and family, as well as job interviews through video-conference connection and make calls.

Line is free app without any cost to the calls, without being restricted by minute rate, also allows sending text messages is fast.

#4 WeChat

It is a free program that allows for unlimited 3G or WiFi calls, also allows users to send text messages, photos, videos as well, the program supports the iPhone devices, as well as Android devices, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia.

#5 NimBuzz

NimBuzz offers its users free calls service and chat, including using social media accounts such as Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and the expense of Microsoft and other.

NimBuzz is equipped with GPS feature, that supports Android devices, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Java and also computers.

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