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Acne Skin Care Tips

Acne Skin Care Tips

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Acne can be an embarrassing condition for anyone and often leaves traces and here we will discuss the treatment of acne scars. Scars and these effects are the result of the body attacking the inflammation in the skin, causing acne scars.

The presence of acne alone can lead to the formation, But there are some natural home remedies for acne skin care able to treat the effects of acne and drilling, both inexpensive and painless to use.

Acne Skin Care Tips

Acne skin care for men and women include;

Tips # 1

You can use Vitamin E cream or intake the Vitamin E capsules to reduce the acne. Acne skin care cream should be apply on areas where acne scars, but not placed on the open areas of the skin.

Tips # 2

Apply Aloe Vera gel on the existing acne scars. Be careful to avoid areas of open wounds or breaks in the skin, because the infection can spread and be the effects of acne treatment is useless.

Tips # 3

Put several drops of lemon juice on a piece of cotton and placed on the skin. Then rinse with Almond juice for 10 minutes to get of application.

Tips # 4

Create acne skin care mask using 1 tsp yogurt, 1 tsp oatmeal, 1 tsp fat free sour cream and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix well and apply on the skin.

Tips # 5

Create caught using 1/4 cup pureed pineapple. Apply to the destination and rinsed after 10 to 15 minutes.

Extra Care Tips

Several types of acne skin care and treatment, these days are used for the treatment and removal of acne. Pulsed dye laser fast acting, and reduces redness within a few weeks.

Care Tip # 1

Fraxel laser is a type of laser that helps fragmented restructuring acne scars so that your skin is not as pitted or indented. Each of these actions is the laser treatment is traction, and this means that they do not destroy the upper layers of the skin.

Laser traction is much more invasive, and can lead to changes in skin color.

Care Tip # 2

Chemical peeling is another form of treatment, although it will not remove deep acne scars, they can work to reduce their edges. You can buy a kit at home.

Chemicals used are alpha Hydroxy acids, Glycolic acids and Phenol. These treatments are used to remove the upper layers of the skin.

Acne Skin Care Tips in Urdu

Acne Skin Care Tips in Urdu

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