Skin care tips

All Skin Care Tips

All Skin Care Tips

For proper care of you skin first of all you should know that whats type of skin that you have. Our skin tone changes according to the the place, climate and season of that area where we are living.

In our country the winter season is too cold while summers are too hot due to this stuffy weather effect we should give proper care to our skin.

All Skin Care Tips

Here in this article we tell you about common types of skin as well as some useful beauty tips for proper care of all skin types.

#1 Oily Skin Care

This type of skin create lots of tense to care. specially in summer season this skin shows lots of problems like acne and wrinkles etc.

  1. If acne and pimples are come on oily skin you should first treat acne and pimples with toner. Use toner 2 to 3 time a day.
  2. Use sun block and special acne soap to prevent oily skin.
  3. Drink at least 8 glass of water. You can also use some drop of lemon juice with water.
  4. Wash face daily at least 4 times a day and apply toner.

#2 Dry Skin Care Tips

The wetness and stiffness is too much less in this type of skin and that’s why dry skin doesn’t proper color. Season effect the dry skin too much and on washing the stretch is feel and age spots are comes too early on that skin type.

  1. Wash face and skin two to three times a day and use Flour or clay mask rather then common soap on face.
  2. Protect the skin from ultraviolet sun rays and used umbrella to get safe from sun rays.
  3. Use skin care masks once a weak. Also use those fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin B, C and D.

#3 Normal Skin Care Tips

This is the best type of skin and easy to handle and not created too much problems. But it is also essential to give proper care to this type of skin.

  1. You can use every type of scrub and toner to normal skin.
  2. Take half table spoon of orange peel powder and one table spoon of  tomato juice. Make a past of these products and use it about for 20 minutes on skin. It will give nourishment and flexibility to your skin.

All Skin Care Tips in Urdu

All Skin Care Tips in Urdu

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