Android and iOS Smart Apps

Android and iOS Smart Apps

Apps to make our lives easier, in all imaginable aspects of everyday life. There are now also many helpers who assist us in an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Hundreds of thousands of smart apps, so little programs for smartphones, there are already. And new ones are added daily.

Some smart apps are for the enjoyment and entertainment, are other sources of information and practical tools for everyday life For example, to make this an environmentally friendly manner.

The following list contains 5 hand picked “Smart apps”. With these smartphone smart apps you can read what is in the food, when the next pollen come flying towards them, you may find fellow travelers or find saving tips.

Smart Apps

The apps are mostly for both operating systems, so iOS and Android, and have mostly free. These smart apps are available in English language.

#1 Barcoo Barcode Reader

The barcode app “Barcoo” as is free on the App Store from Apple and the App Market for Android.

  • This smart app turned the camera of smartphone into a bar code scanner, and it is simply held on bar code “Code”, EAN code, or QR code.

#2 Aid E Numbers Finder

The free app “E numbers Finder” for iOS and Android shows what is behind an additive E number, whether it is suitable for children and approved in organic foods.

  • This smart app was published by the aid, service and programmed by the Unipush Media GmbH.

The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) recommends the aid-e-App numbers on his side.

#3 Gluten CHECK

Of the intolerance of gluten, which is found in many grains, one is affected for a lifetime. Partly it is inherited – one reason why they can not be treated causally according to current knowledge.

  • According to the Celiac Society, the celiac disease is not curable, only treatable by putting on a gluten-free diet for life.

For those affected, the gluten Check App is a quick reference aid that can facilitate everyday shopping very much.

#4 Pollen Check

Upgraded with smart app like the free “pollen check” App of MCM nun mbH (iOS, Android), the pollen forecast. According to this smart app makers in the form of a repeatedly updated daily forecasts for the current location Any input or a region, a 3 day forecast and a 5 day forecast.

This smart app is European’s largest market, because it takes into account 26 different pollen and also provides UV and ozone values.

  • It also comes with a guide with practical tips and tricks for sports, holidays and gardening, in particular, is addressed to all those affected by hay fever.

#5 Vegan Start

Many consumers are consciously a stand against the massive animal cruelty. You do not eat meat, dairy products and eggs and are switching to exclusively vegetable diet.

  • The animal rights organization PETA eV has brought the free “vegan starter app” (IOS) on the market, fresh meat waiver learning to facilitate the start to a meatless life.

It provides loud Peta motivation and information, For example with videos, recipes and knowledge tests.

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