Android Navigation Apps

Android Navigation Apps

Among the most popular and useful applications on an Android smartphone includes the navigation apps. Even if there was no navigation app or software that came with your android, you do not need to powerful navigation refrain, because in this paper we present four free Android Navigation Apps solution for your Android phone from.

Each current Android smartphone is equipped with a sensor for receiving the GPS (Global Positioning System). But it is not a navigation software is included to insert the GPS data useful with any smartphone. Often, Android Navigation Apps to be bought expensively.

Android Navigation Apps

As an Android user, you are out fine but, because there are several possibilities of truly free offline android navigation apps that uses only GPS, but no radio data connection of your mobile operator. With the following Android Navigation Apps you are sure to find the right way.

#1 NavFree

One of the 1st free android navigation apps solution for Android was “NavFree”. The app stores the map on the smartphone and therefore requires no Internet connection, but a correspondingly large memory card in your phone, because USA alone, the card occupies just over 1.5 GB capacity.

From a performance point to “NavFree” does not need to hide, it offers POIs (Points of Interest), supports home and favorite addresses and many options that you can customize your route as desired. For the presentation “NavFree” offers a 2D and 3D map display, the supporters of a forced driving will feel the notes on fixed speed cameras as pleasant.

An Internet connection is required “NavFree” only in finding a new address you should therefore deposit as a favorite, because then skip this future Internet access. Although some “NavFree” navigation highlights such as a lane departure date does not bring, it is nevertheless an absolutely recommendable from one of Android Navigation Apps. The download can be reached at Google play store.

#2 ForeverMap Lite

Also on the free maps of the OpenStreetMap community based “ForeverMap Lite” the Skobbler GmbH. This saves bandwidth and prevents high roaming charges for international missions. “ForeverMap Lite” contains the maps not only for individual cities or regions, but coverage for all of Europe, including all city and town plans in the highest possible resolution.

However, the individual countries can be downloaded separately at will, to save storage space on your smartphone. Also serve this goal the specific compression methods that dramatically reduce the disk space used on the device. Also the included compass function has its supporters.

Not only individual regions or cities are included, but you have all the countries of Europe with “ForeverMap Lite” on your Android smartphone or tablet PC always offline it. The downloads to “ForeverMap Lite” accessible from the Google play store.

#3 ZANavi

With “ZANavi” is also an open source (GPL) navigation solution for Android systems. “ZANavi” works with an off-line navigation, thus saves connection costs. However, the house number search only works in online mode. The app has some special features: The “one-way pipe” warns of false trips and it is offered for reloading improved voice output, the voice prompts are available in several language versions. For greater accuracy, a GPS is supported (Assisted GPS), however, which causes cellular costs.

From “ZANavi” there is next to free a “ZANavi for Android donate” version, which will help to finance the operation, the map server. Download and further information in the Google play store.

#4 AndNav2

Those who do not bother to English language prompts, the offers with “AndNav2” a 3rd alternative to free Android Navigation Apps. “AndNav2” offers an online and an offline mode. In online mode, the necessary map segments to be recharged while driving. However, this not only creates costs, it also has the disadvantage that in case of poor network coverage, your car may be faster than “AndNav”.

The output of the voice is at “AndNav” realized by the standard Android app “Text to Speech” that is pre-installed on virtually any system. Anyone planning longer trips, which will ensure the integrated 4 day weather forecast interesting. “AndNav” is described by many users as a relative error, which also is not so amazing, that’s the project in beta and is currently apparently not developed further. The download and more information is available yet in Google play store.

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