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Apple iPad Air Technology Features

Have large tablets still have a chance? Ever since the launch of Apple’s iPad Mini, the trend is towards smaller, lighter devices called as Apple iPad Air. Because they are not only handy, but also much cheaper than the big flat computer.

Google compact Full HD Tablet Nexus, For example, appeared a few weeks ago at a competitive price of 300 Dollars. Despite its compact design, the Mini Tablets are real all rounders that are equally suitable for gaming, surfing and work.

  • Now, Apple swirls the industry with Apple iPad Air on, The 9.7 inch device is much lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

However, the low weight (read weight loss tips) at the expense of battery life? And makes the thinner case at all noticeable in everyday life? We have tested the airhead paces and say, for whom the transition worthwhile.

Apple iPad Air

Here below we tell you some details and reviews about Apple iPad Air hardware and software features, picture review of Apple iPad Air.

Processing and Design

The 5th edition of the Apple tablet makes its name and remembers the flat design of the Macbook Air, it is 2.4 millimeters thin (7.5 instead of 9.4 mm) and 180 grams lighter (469g instead of 650g) than the iPad 4 For comparison, the weight saving is about as much as an iPhone 5S plus two iPod Nano.

This is clearly noticeable, Lag time on the iPad 4 quite cumbersome in the hand, the Air can now also keep a long time without fatigue. The slimming can feel every second. People with large hands can hold the tablet with one hand even now, this is for a 10 inch tablet not a given.

Due to the new design and new smart cover are necessary, ​​the magnetic cases only consist of three instead of four blades. But the function does not diminish, If you fold the new Smart Cover to the stand, the iPad has still firm footing

  • The fingerprint scanner Touch ID is not built into Apple iPad Air. The ring around the home button on the iPhone 5S ensures that the unit can be decrypted by simply placing his fingers.

When the phone is really convenient because the device is pulled several times and decrypted on the day of the pocket. A tablet however is mostly used at home, so touch ID is not absolutely necessary.

Screen and Sound

The retina Bildschim has not changed, In a diagonal of 24.6 inches are still 2048 x 1536 pixels available. This is more than is any full HD television. Although here the competition has on and partly overhauled, the display is one of the best in the world.

The font in the browser and eBooks (read earn money from eBooks) is razor sharp, high-resolution photos reveal every detail. The display is superbly lit, the color fidelity is good, the contrasts are crisp.

A special feature of the Apple tablet is 4:3, so the iPad can use easily both horizontally and vertically. With movies, there is thus but often unsightly black bars.

  • Many Android tablets set to the 16:9 format, which is better in landscape mode to advantage.

There is a slight improvement in the sound. How the iPad mini are on the bottom two speakers flanking the Lightning port. At maximum volume, the sound rattling something.

In addition, the Apple iPad Air now has a 2nd microphone, which is to filter out background noise and voice quality benefits.


The A7 processor is a gigabyte of memory to the side, a lot of Android tablets already use twice as much memory. More Ram would have the Apple iPad Air does not hurt to long term perspective, as 64 bit apps about 20 to 30 % more memory than occupy 32 bit apps. Disturbing stuttering does not exist but.

  • Even with the WiFi range and speed is the Apple iPad Air among the best. It is now installed a dual band WLAN module, s can be achieved with the theoretical data rates up to 300 Mb/s.

In some tests, the wireless connection only broke off after about 170 meters. Even when speed is the Apple iPad Air Top. Even through 2 walls creates the tablet speeds of 25 megabits per second, significantly more than the iPad 4.

  • In contrast to the new Macbooks the networking standard 802.11ac in the Apple iPad Air is not supported.

Battery Life

Important issue in mobile devices is the battery life. Despite the much smaller cabinet and so shrunken battery (8827 mAh instead of 11560) to hold the iPad by air as long as its predecessor.

This is mainly due to the power-saving A7 processor. In various WLAN surf test, the tablet stopped depending on display brightness by between ten (75 percent brightness) and 12 hours (50 %). Even more impressive is the result in the video playback mode.


As the camera uses the same 5 megapixel rear camera used, which also lies in the iPad 3 and iPad 4. It works now as a temporary solution, because, with HDR and Instagram photos in square format, the camera controls no significant features.

Settings such as panorama shots or from the known 5S Slow Mo videos are missing. In bright light makes the Apple iPad Air good snapshots in artificial light but the colors are distorted quickly.

Picture review


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