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Armpit Hair Removal Tips

Armpit Hair Removal Tips

Hair under the arms in women look unkempt. Therefore, there are several ways for armpit hair removal. A fast and simple method is shaving. Unfortunately, however, it must be repeated every week, because after 2 to 3 days, the next tiny hairs are seen.

Instead of the epilator or shaving some other hair removal methods can be used such as removing hair with cold wax or hot wax are applied. There are hair removal creams and there is the method of armpit hair removal with sugar paste.

So below we will tell you some tips for hair removal. You can make this sugar hair removing past at home easily and both men and women can try this paste for armpit hair removal.

Armpit Hair Removal Method

Originally, the method of hair removal using sugar paste from the Orient. But now it is widely used in Europe, because the sugaring has some advantages. The sugar paste is a natural product, it is only water, lemon juice and sugar. Thus, this method is also suitable for women with sensitive skin.

The Sugaring has no side effects. It keeps much longer than a shave and regrowth are lighter and finer. After some time of use, it may happen even that some hairs do not grow back because the hair follicles is exhausted.

Because the sugar paste only sticks to the hair, but does not adhere to the skin, this method of armpit hair removal is much less painful than removing wax. After hair removal remaining sugar residues may be easily washed off with warm water. As a result, the pores are not clogged and inflammation caused by the in growth of hair is avoided.

Armpit Hair Removal Tips

  1. The hair should have a length between 1.5 and 4 mm. To depilatory skin is thoroughly cleaned so that it is fat free and possibly dusted with a little baby powder.
  2. Then, a walnut sized piece of the cooled sugar mixture using tight fitting rubber gloves turned off. This piece is slowly applied against the direction of hair growth with two fingers on the body.
  3. The amount specified is sufficient for a 8 cm long and 2 cm wide strip of skin. If the paste is applied, is deleted twice, with the index and middle fingers slowly but firmly over the skin stripes always against the direction of hair growth and then the sugar paste in a quick jerk in the opposite direction i.e with the hair growth will be deducted.
  4. The same sugar paste can be reused until it becomes soft, then a new walnut sized piece of sugar paste is used.

Armpit Hair Removal Tips in Urdu

Armpit hair removal tips in Urdu

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