Asthma Disease

Asthma Disease

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Term asthma is defined as a chronic disease of the respiratory tract. The bronchial mucous membrane is particularly sensitive to the different stimuli and swells it. Also produces the lung mucus.

The airways are narrowed, the muscles of the lower respiratory tract is contracted spasmodically. Typical of disease are especially coughing, shortness of breath and over stimulation of lungs and bronchi by environmental stimuli.


The exact causes of disease are still undetected. It is believed that genetic factors and environmental influences may be the cause. Also play a role in allergic disorders. They are risk factors in the development of asthma. An example of this is in particular the allergic rhinitis.

A variety of stimuli can trigger an attack. Thus, physical exertion, cold, perfume or air pollution, allergens such as pollen, dust and pet dander as well as inflammation of the airways causing an acute asthma attack. In bronchial disease distinguish between allergic and non allergic asthma.


Typical symptoms and signs are.

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. Abnormal breath sounds
  3. Cough phlegm / Cough
  4. Shortness of breath

Treatment Tips

The symptoms of disease can be kept by therapies or preventive measures pretty much under control. In the therapy, there are several approaches.

During an allergic asthma reaction to the triggering substance should be avoided. This may eventually lead to a career change, if you have the job to do with the allergens. Continuous intake of prescribed drugs is just as important as the constant carrying of asthma sprays.

Drug therapies, for example, provide for a reduction of inflammation, and thus the avoidance of bronchial hypersensitivity. The inhalation of certain drugs is here considered to be particularly helpful.

Also usually a treatment plan will be developed in cooperation between the physician and the patient. Patients also need to be trained to know how to deal with their chronic asthma disease well. Here for example, the right breathing technique is trained.

Often it is also necessary that in allergic asthma, the entire apartment is being renovated, so that a contact with mold, animal dander etc can be avoided. Treatment strategies are closely followed, especially in children complete healing of bronchial asthma is likely.

Asthma Disease in Urdu

Asthma Disease in Urdu

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