Back Pain Disease

Back Pain Disease

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According to statistics, suffer from the 1/2 million people in Pakistan to back pain. It is the second leading cause of accidents at work and occupational disability. The cost of treatments to billions.

Back Pain Disease

The pain go from the soft active movement elements of the back – that is, as opposed to the hard bony portions, especially the back muscles. It comes here to tensions, shortening or overstretching, in-duration and irritation. The passive holding structures, tendons and ligaments can be attacked with this disease.

There are many criteria according to which disease can be divided and classified.

  • Upper Back Pain: In the neck region can be acute to chronic. They often emit in shoulders, arms and / or back of the head. Trigger for neck pain include an incorrect posture in the workplace, herniated disc or psychological influences.
  • Middle Back Pain: In the thoracic spine are rare due to injuries. More often they are caused by irritation (irritation) large muscle groups in this area or by malfunction of the rib-vertebral joints.
  • Lower Back Pain: In the lower back are much more likely than those in the middle back. Because the lumbar spine is much more vulnerable than the thoracic spine for injuries and damage. Pain in this area are triggered for example by herniated discs or overexertion of muscles.


With around 80 percent of all cases occur backache in the tendons, ligaments and muscles. It created this strong imbalances in the back. But general causes of disease are as fallows:

    1. Intense physical labor, sided or too heavy physical loads at work but also lack of exercise.
    2. too monotonous work, ergonomic problems (about an unfavorable height or position of the tables and chairs in the workplace).
    3. Often be caused and favored by mental pain or adverse behavioral and thought patterns.


Pain in the back are a clear sign of back pain. There are many other symptoms that suggest disease and are recognized by the affected immediately as such. Mention may be made.

  1. Muscle pain and muscle spasms or stabbing pains.
  2. Pain radiating into the leg or arm Problems, sit up straight
  3. Morning stiffness of the joints and the back

Treatment Tips

Each of us has to do it in his hand a little back pain. A bit more movement in everyday life and you will accumulate as quickly evaporate your pain.

In treatment of this diease nonsurgical measures about physiotherapy and drug treatments, limited intervention for intervention and surgical procedures are performed.

#1 Physiotherapy or psychotherapy

If it persists for more than 2 weeks, the doctor will examine the risk factors for chronic onset of pain and possible stronger prescribe painkillers. This may be accompanied by an early physiological or psychological treatment or counseling.

#2 Exercises

Exercise helps lots in disease. If you use public transport to work, it is worth a stop to get out sooner and to deny the rest of the way on foot. On the way home do the same! The relaxed in addition!

If the back pain sub-acute or chronic, gentle exercise therapy and physiotherapy can be done with the physiotherapist. Votes can also be a back exercises.

Home Remedies

Home remedies are as fallows.

  1. Mix Camphor oil into coconut oil and heat for 5 minutes. On cooling preserve in bottle، slowly scrubbing this mixture before sleeping on back twice weekly can relief in all types.
  2. Before going to bed, add some drops of Eucalyptus oil in lukewarm water and bath with it. This trick not only best for disease also helpful in other body pains.
  3. Drink glass of turmeric, milk and honey shake, not only relief also best fro treating cough, cold and flu.
  4. Massage of muster oil before bathing with lukewarm water also best for getting relief.

Hope these home remedies help both men and women’s to get relief from Upper and lower back pain. If you get maximum results from our these remedies, then don’t forget to submit your reviews in comments.

Back Pain Disease in Urdu

Back Pain Disease in Urdu

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