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Banana Benefits

Banana Health Benefits

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Healthy and delicious not together often, and it is not surprising that a majority of people, especially children, choose taste over nutrition. But the switch to a healthier diet without resorting to taste can be easier than you think. Bananas are the perfect example.

Counted among the most popular fruits in the world, meet bananas, your taste buds and offers many health benefits.

Banana Benefits

One of the most popular fruits in the world, bananas are popular because of their nutritional value, ease of use, storage and disposal. Unlike other fruits, they do not need to be cooled, cut into slices before serving. Here we tell you banana benefits for men and women’s.

Benefit # 1

Bananas with nutrients that help to improve and are packed to good health. They provide immediate and sustained energy.

Benefit # 2

Bananas are a good source of fiber and can help restore normal bowel movement and relieves constipation and diarrhea.

Benefit # 3

They are rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium and potassium. They help regulate blood pressure and are easy to digest, even for infants.

Benefit # 4

They have no fat and replace essential nutrients lost during exercise. You can control mood and help depression. Rich in iron, bananas help hemoglobin function.

They contain a compound that nourishes Pro-biotic bacteria and therefore the promotion and protection digesting ability of unhealthy bacteria.

Benefit # 5

They also increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium, thus strengthening the bones. Bananas are good for the health of the kidneys and may reduce the risk of kidney cancer. Bananas can help heartburn and nausea, and improve the function of the nerves.

Benefit # 6

Bananas contain sugar, they can contribute to sugar craving and can be used in place of other artificially sweetened substances. However, people with diabetes are recommended to eat them in moderation.

Important Uses

Depending on the stage they are in, can be cooked or eaten raw bananas.

  1. Green tip bananas must be cooked or ripened before consumption.
  2. Yellow bananas can be eaten as they are.
  3. Brown speckled those can be used for baking.

Banana Benefits in Urdu

bananas benefit for health in urdu

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