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Beauty tips for women

Beauty tips for old womensAs we grow up our skin lose its softness, smoothness and moisture and the wrinkles are appear on our skin. If you put your skin healthy and soft for long time then ate fresh fruits, green vegetables and healthy food because these things contain rich amount of vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin A) which are essential for our skin softness.

Here we are giving some beauty tips for women and beauty tips for women in Urdu which are over aged and have wrinkles and acne skin problem. With these beauty tips for women, old women’s can rid from wrinkles and acne, also look young and beautiful.

Beauty tips for women’s

1. The effective dry season cracked lips, hands, feet and face beauty effect your beauty especially in winter. If you want the soft and smooth lips then make paste of 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp almond oil. Now apply this paste on your lips for some time after that clean the paste from lips with soft hands. Now apply the almond oil. If you want soft and smooth lips even in dry season then apply this paste twice daily.

2. Hair are the important constituent of our personality as well as play important role in our beauty. Hair are also sensitive to dry season. Give proper message to you hair with oil to put them soft and healthy it is also essential to cut off the hair sharp corner tips properly.

3. Normally give the oil message to you hairs twice a week to make them healthy and strong. If you go out of home then due to the effect of dust and season effect the hair need much more care. So after coming back to home from outside you should wash you hairs with shampoo and give them proper oil message.

4. Our hands are also play important role in our beauty and dry and cracked hands also effect our exact look. For soft and wrinkle free hands skin you should give proper care to your hands with moisturizing creams after washing them. This can make your hands skin soft as well as prevent wrinkles to appear on hands skin.

5. Feet are also need proper care and cracked feet heels can spoil our beauty. Wash your feet twice daily and apply moisturizing cream on them. Because dust make layer on our foot heel and if we don’t clean the dust this can make dry and cracked in our feet heel skin. As the time pass these cracked appear broader and thick as well as difficult to wash.

Beauty tips for women in Urdu

Beauty tips in urdu for women over 50

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