Beauty facial Masks

beauty facial masksPrepare homemade cheap and chemical free beauty facial Masks for your skin care. Mask is an old method to give proper care to your skin and face and that’s why this method is too common in toady’s modern age. Mask give proper protection to skin from different problems and give beauty, glowing and elasticity to skin. History fill up with the names of those women’s which are using the beauty facial masks for their skin care. below we tell you some beauty facial masks recipes for your daily skin care.

Beauty facial masks

1.   Before applying the beauty facial masks wash your face and apply cleanser on your skin.
2.   Prepare only that amount of beauty facial mask that you can only use for just one time.
3.   After applying the facial mask don’t rub your skin or face. Just dry with towel or soft cloth.

Homemade beauty facial masks

1.   Make paste of Basin and milk according to your need and rub that mixture with soft hands on your face and skin. After 10 to 15 minutes wash it with lukewarm water.
2.   Take a bowl of water and heat it up. Curved your hairs on back site and wrap you face with towel. Take the steam for 15 to 20 minutes and after that clean your face with towel and use the beauty facial mask.

Beauty facial masks in Urdu

beauty facial masks in urdu

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