Fruit facial mask

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fruit facial masksEvery one knows about the importance of fruit facial masks for facial skin care. fruit masks can be  prepared by dry or fresh fruits.

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You can make these fruit facial masks at your home normally all the facial masks ingredients are easily available at home at kitchen.

Fruit facial mask

Here we are submitting fruit facial mask for men and women. By adopting these simple facial masks you can easily apply these fruit masks on all skin types any time without no side effect.

1. First of all give facial message to your face and clean the grease and fatty effect from your facial skin.

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Slap your face slowly with towel. This process make spaces in cells of skin and open the closed open pores.

2. Protect eyes, lips and nose areas when you are applying any type of facial masks on face. Dip the cotton batch or pads in rose sap and put them on your eyes.

3. Apply masks on facial skin for about 10 to 20 minutes. Wash your facial skin according to the facial fruit mask type with lukewarm or cold water by the help of soft silk or cotton pads. No need to rush for cleaning facial masks.

4. After some time wash your face and slap gently and slowly you facial skin with towel and apply skin tonic or any care lotion. Clean the extra amount of lotion from face with the help of towel. Remember do this process slowly and gently for getting better results and affects.

5. The banana masks is best for dry skin because banana mask give natural nourishment, moisture and glowing to you facial skin. Wash your face before applying the banana fruit facial mask on your facial skin.

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Take one banana and mashed it now mix this mashed banana with the powder milk now add 1 tsp honey in it. Now make a creamy paste of these things and apply on your dedicated facial skin.

Fruit facial masks in Urdu

banana fruit facial mask in urdu

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