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Beauty tips for lips

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Structure of lips are simple and soft. Our lips are inner wrap of our body not the upper wrap but our lips skin is made up of Phlegmatic material that is why our lips look pink.
Beauty tips for lips
As compared to our body skin in lips the steaming glands are not present so for putting the lips skin moist we used lips gloss etc. Lips play’s important role in the beauty of women.

Those women’s their lips have natural beauty have soft, beautiful and pink lips and their face look lovely and Limpid. Usually poets compare beautiful and pink lips with rose.

Here in this article we tell you about beauty tips for lips. By following these beauty tips for lips you can make your dark and ugly lips beautiful.

Beauty tips for lips

1. Don’t apply the mixture of two lipsticks on your lips and don’t rub lipstick on your lips while you are cleaning the lipstick from lips.

If you do so then your you can damage your lips skin and you lips shape.

2. The again and again licking of lips with your tongue can spoil your lips beauty and damage your lips skin making lips skin dry and ugly.

BEauty tips for lips

3. Chewing of nails with teeth also damage your lips skin. If you suck your hand thumb this make your lower lip thick and big that’s put negative effect on you beauty.

4. Don’t use the used lipstick and lip brush that used by other because these things causes many diseases and infections like throat, mouth and breathing infection.

5. Daily use of milk on your lips can make you lips beautiful and soft. The pigments and ingredients which are containing in milk like “Calcium Retinol” give nutrition to your lips and maintain softness and shine in lip skin.

6. If you want to get pink and beautiful soft lips then rub the peel of cucumber and orange on your lips.

Because orange and cucumber contain rich amount of “VITAMIN C” that’s give nourishment and moisture to our skin.

Beauty tips for lips

7. Rubbing of orange and cucumber peel on lips provides cool effect on lips skin and this process is best for summer season.

If you use this tip in summer days then this can make your lips skin beautiful and soft providing moisture and prevent your lips from dry in summer.

Beauty tips for lips in Urdu

Beauty tips for lips in Urdu

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