Best Dubai Hotels

Best Dubai Hotels

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Dubai isn’t popular as center of trade in world, also famous due to beautiful tourist locations and from hotels and restaurants.

Dubai hotels offer the best quality services within the world’s best hotels is a 5 star hotels and called some 7 star to emphasize the quality and luxury.

Best Dubai Hotels

As we mention that the hotels of Dubai are popular for best quality services, So here we enlist the best Dubai hotels for your guide.

#1 Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel was even a short time is the tallest tower in the world and is currently the tallest hotel in Dubai, and is believed to be the best Dubai hotel, which is worth it, and deservedly.

The hotel was established on an artificial island just a hundred meters from the coast of Dubai.

#2 Grosvenor House Hotel

Overlooking Grosvenor Hotel on the Arabian Gulf, is an elegant hotel with great services do not have any defect, building his name and trade mark a style and skill at work, always exceeds all expectations for those who go and reside is one of the best hotels for the year 2010- 2011 m.

It is worth mentioning that the hotel consists of 45 bungalows and contains 217 rooms and suites and 205 apartments.

#3 Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis hotel, everyone is talking about is located on the Palm Island Hotel was held at the opening fireworks better than Alolombe of games are also available for you to swim with the dolphins, tourists flock to it frequently as it is far from the public areas and it includes the best restaurant in Dubai.

That hotel is located, all of them under water, where automates room under water and marine organisms around !! As well as sitting in the restaurant and around objects in the outside look at it and you look through the glass.

Water is a key element in the resort, where surrounds you from all sides, from the vast basin aquatic 3-storey, which contains 2.9 million gallons of water, and a staggering number of fish and 65,000 adult fish including sharks.

#4 Royal Mirage Hotel

Some believe that the Mirage Hotel named it grows (does not the only one to change my). Although there may be more in the future! But it is a great place to stay in it and often Maiqim the elderly and businessmen to relax.

Which is available 13 restaurant, gives you the chance to enjoy delicious dishes from around the world such as the Mediterranean and Moroccan dishes and kitchen Euro-Indian. Guests can enjoy fresh seafood and global cooking on the front of the beach with water views.

#5 Armani Hotel

Armani Hotel is the coolest hotel in Dubai. Aktherfa hotel where noise is considered an extension of the range of hotels who opened successively takes place in all of Italy, Morocco and Egypt
Of course the hotel under the management of Emaar Properties.

Armani hotel is located within the Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world), overwhelm simple, clear lines and the overall design of the decor in addition to the adoption of colors such as black, beige.

#6 Park Hyatt Hotel

Hyatt Park hotel where everything luxury for those who want the finer things in life. His name and his brand. Is also available in the hotel swimming pool, a 25-meter set among palm trees and a spa offering aromatherapy treatments.

It features floor-to-ceiling windows open onto a balcony. Can hire a yacht club from Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht. Hotel is 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and the Dubai city center.

Best Dubai Hotels in Urdu

Best Dubai Hotels in Urdu

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