Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps

For most owners, the iPhone is no longer just phone, but also toys, camera or GPS. With the best iPhone apps, it also becomes a piggy bank, because by the applications to avoid costs or find the best bargains.

Best iPhone Apps

For every area of ​​life there is the right app. Some help you save money, or lose weight, others provide more transparency and consumer protection. But which are particularly useful? Below we will show you top best iPhone apps that your iPhone becomes a piggy bank.

Following listed iPhone apps can be downloaded from Apple store. May be the listed best iPhone apps are free licensed or you have to pay some what to use them, also these iPhone apps may be in International languages.

#1 Barcoo

With “Barcoo” For example, the smartphone becomes a bar-code scanner. If the code is decrypted, the app displays additional information and also tells you where you can buy the product cheaper.

And the iPhone app “Discounto” lists the current special offers in supermarkets and indicates to where the nearest branch is located.

#2 Cost Check

The charges for phone and mobile internet on the iPhone you have with the app “Cost Check” in mind. And how much things cost in a foreign currency, which is quickly converted to “eCurrency”.

#3 MySMS

With “Mysms” sent text messages cost regardless of the rates of the network operator as 8 cents a piece – no matter which network, whether from home or abroad. To use the service, you have to register with his mobile phone number.

First 10 SMS are free of charge, then the “Mysms” account can be charged via credit card or Paypal. SMS layout and type of notification is arbitrary, as is the setting that all SMS to be sent by “Mysms” only abroad or in principle.

#4 CoachMe

iPhone and iPad app “CoachMe” can one stand in several areas of life advice. The personal coach in your pocket provides practical help for work and private life, sport and health.

Each counselor provides in a compact form compiled expertise. With the practical exercises and self entries, users will be able to independently master the wide variety of topics.

# 5 CaloryGuard Pro

The iPhone app “Calorygaurd Pro” can be the basis of some parameters can easily determine the personal calorie needs. About a food diary, in which one enters all his meals and connects with a huge, constantly updated food Database, the daily calorie intake will be calculated automatically and also monitors the eating habits.

In addition operation can be recorded and displayed graphically, so the motivation can be increased once the own weight loss success.

#6 Mint

You’ve probably heard of “Mint” already, but if you did not use it, you are missing out. Mint can synchronize with your checking account, credit cards, student loans, car loans, and more, and provides a complete picture of your financial situation.

Once you have added accounts, you can create a budget, and “Mint” is an e-mail if you are over-budget in each area. Destinations can be entered, too, allowing you to create an emergency fund or save a down payment for a large purchase.

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