Better Sleeping Tips

Better Sleeping Tips

Sleeping is must for every one to get comfortable feel and beating stress and tensions. So if you want to live healthy and active then you should concern on your sleeping and must take at least 7 to 8 hours sleep daily.

As we mentioned some better sleeping tips in our last article here in this post we write some more better sleeping tips in Urdu for you.

Better Sleeping Tips

By adopting these simple sleeping tips you can easily refresh your mind and body from daily work stress and tiredness as well as take the comfortable and healthy good night’s sleep.

Tips # 1

Don’t drink coffee and tea while you are going to bed because there effects leave in your body for several hours and can disturb your sleep.

When you drink these drinks continuously that increase the urine production in body and you can’t get sleep properly.

Tips # 2

Your living or sleeping room will be comfortable and clean. Put you room temperature at normal if your room is too much hot or cool then in this state you didn’t get proper sleep.

Tips # 3

Don’t put computer, TV and other electronics equipment’s in your sleeping room because these devices effect your sleeping. It is more better if you put your office work out of your sleeping room.

Tips # 4

Do daily exercises, convenient extremism, sloth and laziness effect the sleep. Walk daily for 20 to 25 minutes and doing that it will sweat from your body. Sweat opens the closed pores and you get the comfortable and easy sleep at once when you go to your bed.

Tips # 5

You should go to your bed when you fall in sleep and didn’t go down on bed if you haven’t feel the sleep. Only go to bed for sleeping if you feel sleep.

Tips # 6

Try to go to bed for sleeping as soon as possible and awake in morning early this is good for your mental and body health. Take Deep breath in fresh air and done jogging in morning if possible.

Better Sleeping Tips in Urdu

Better sleeping tips in Urdu

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