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Blood Type Diet Tips

Blood Type Diet Tips

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In his bestseller “The blood type diet” shows Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, that the membership of a particular blood group has a strong influence on the nutritional needs. The thesis is deceptively simple: people have different blood types – A, B, AB and 0 – therefore they also need different foods to be live healthy.

Blood Type Diet Tips

Each blood type reacts differently to certain foods. If you compare the nutrition around and avoiding the sickening edibles, the well-being increases, and chronic ailments such as digestive problems and headaches improve.

The individual blood groups reflect certain stages of development of the people in the course of evolution resist. The blood type diet tips for each blood group type are as fallows.

#1 Blood group A (The Vegetarians)

The blood group A evolved when the hunting humans settled down and grew crops. Members of these blood group should replace in the diet according to blood type meat products by vegetarian food – If that is difficult, you prefer lean meat (mainly poultry).

Eat plenty of vegetables, especially carrots, kale, pumpkin, spinach and tofu. 3 times a day a piece of fruit should round out your diet, but are problematic bananas and oranges. As physical activity offer for you quiet, concentration promotional exercises, such as meditation or Tai Chi.

#2 Blood group B (The Nomad)

Meat (except chicken) and fish may put members of Blood Group B on their daily menu. Shellfish such as crabs, lobsters, prawns and mussels on the other hand you should avoid. Carefree You may enjoy dairy products.

Various cereals and cereal products (bread) you can eat every day; especially digestible for you are oats, spelled and rice. Less recommended against it are wheat, corn and rye.

#3 Blood group AB (The Enigmatic)

This blood type is prevalent in East Asia, caused by the local food conditions. Meat AB types should only consume in moderation. Chicken, smoked and salted varieties you should avoid.

Fish and seafood are ideal sources of protein for you; especially digestible are trout, cod and perch. Your milk consumption should be restricted strongly and take more than buttermilk, yogurt, and low-fat sour cream to be.

#4 Blood group O (The Hunter)

If you are a member of the oldest blood group 0, you should eat protein-rich. Put lean meat (mainly beef, chicken or lamb) or fish to your daily diet of healthy eating.

The consumption of dairy products should be restricted in this diet by blood group slightly; recommendable are soy milk and soy cheese and goat cheese. Whole wheat products should be avoided; other cereals such as spelled, rye or brown rice offer themselves as alternatives.

Extra Tips

The diet according to blood type does not work for everyone. Let define and clarify your blood to your doctor if there is any reason an appropriate diet.

Take a period of 2 weeks, in which you follow the blood type diet. During this time, changes through healthy diet should set: higher performance, fewer digestive problems and an improvement of chronic ailments such as asthma, headaches or heartburn.

If not, your blood type is obviously for your health type not a determining factor, but is covered by other constitutional issues.

Blood Type Diet Tips in Urdu

Blood Type Diet Tips

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