BMW X4 Car features

Little brother of the X6 comes in 2014 BMW X4 sets up a gear. It is a weird, successful type. Since the BMW X6 at the start was that competition is working hard on their own crosses between coupe and SUV. But BMW can be the role of pacemaker not from the hand.

Before MLS Mercedes or Audi Q6 will now soon the second flat roof SUV from Munich the BMW X4. Thus, even the most optimistic did not expect from BMW. After the mid-term had the X6 exceeded its planned sales target for the entire career and medium while the first SUV coupe in the world comes after four years already on a production figure of over 200,000 copies.

Because the car is not only much more expensive than a comparable production rate of X5, but customers usually order and even more extras.

Mercedes BMW X4 Vs X5 & X6

In the competition, which would expect something of the glory of oblique types and therefore developed with high pressure models as a Mercedes or an Audi Q6 MLS. And in other series within the brand who want to improve their balance with such an oblique types accordingly.

Therefore it is only logical that BMW X4 now and also for the X3 sport Flask makes. Officially, on further study, he should go within a year than in BMW X4 series. “We want the success of the X6 in the class including project,” says product manager Richard Jacobi and draws the eye to a brilliant blue SUV that looks good from every perspective and consistent.

BMW X4 Design Before Function

Although the coupe is 4.65 meters with exactly the same length as the X3 and of course has four doors. But the roof line ducks four inches deep on the road and where the X3 with respect to their children and has a spacious box as stern, making the BMW X4 an elegant dome, which expires in a pert rump.

The form, not the function returns the tone here. Despite promises Jacobi comfortable space in the rear, which is probably available with a bench for 2 or 3 individual seats, and a sufficiently large luggage compartment. “But we’re doing in this car so much the practically oriented customers as to those buyers for whom the design is the decisive factor,” says the product manager.

That is why the creators have again given extra mile and not only put a small copy of the X6 to the wheels. The proportions are indeed very similar, but the details differ significantly. The kidney in the radiator are steeper and formed prominent, stylish, unique and extend up to the middle headlights emphasize the width of the car.

On the edge you see now is not one but three character lines, the things that make the car more muscular, and the tail is also designed for maximum width.

BMW X4 Picture Review

Question of tactics

Because there will be up to the premiere of the BMW X4 in the next year a major facelift for the BMW X3, BMW has only speaks about the design of the new 4×4 coupe. The novelties in the series anticipate not now, nor why the doors remain closed and darkened the windows. Also, the hood does not open.

But it does not take much imagination, there the current three petrol and four diesel X3 from the present who are currently still 143 to 313 hp. However, there should be one major difference: While the M GmbH to the X3 yet made a bow, the BMW X4 is screaming for a power version of factory stall and therefore would actually have the drive of the next M3 be .

Can see for the first time the audience the BMW X4 trial middle of the month at the Motor Show in Shanghai. This is a smart move. For the X6 know the Bavarians that such schemes are considered there are particularly high. Not for nothing come in China for the premiere at 71,000 X5 and X6 already about 36,000 copies of the BMW X6.

Because BMW has been identified as the second largest market for these oblique types America, want the Bavarians with the Americans therefore forfeit but not wear them at least in the naming bill. The deep blue of the study will not have a Chinese name, but is Long Beach Blue.

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