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Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal makeup tips in Urdu

The bridal makeup itself, is a real challenge. When it comes to bridal makeup, you should try any new trends and also not try a completely different look than usual Rather, the bridal makeup should last long look fantastic in photos and be timeless. Finally, you should also like after 10 years, the wedding pictures.

Naturally beautiful and glamorous at the same time intriguing. Makeup for bridal makeup itself, is not an easy task. We explain step by step bridal makeup tips and bridal makeup tips in Urdu for brides.

Bridal Makeup Tips

The bridal makeup must compensate a white or light dress with color. Between everyday clothes and a wedding dress is a big difference, so also the makeup should stand out. Applying makeup is first important that your skin looks smooth and even.

Bring color to cheeks and lips with radiation, For example with rouge for cheeks and lips. Then emphasize the eyes but do not overdo it. On the wedding day you should 45 to 60 minutes for makeup schedule so you do not get stress.

Step By Step Bridal Makeup

  1. Makeup near a window or take an extra bright light daylight you can see simply the best. Be sure to use moisturizer as a makeup preparation. Emphasize the eyes by dark rings with corrector and concealer to brighten. Flash emphasizes pinktones, so pay attention to a yellowish Foundation.
  2. Treat only redness around the nose and mouth and then straighten the rest of your face to. Blur the Foundation well, especially in the corner of my eye, because visible makeup transitions on photos emerge.
  3. Concealer and foundation you should fix it with a transparent loose powder. If you apply the powder with a tassel, it is durable and prevents unwanted shine a must when taking pictures. If the wedding dress has a low neckline, you should give something “Bronzer Powder” on the neck and cleavage. This gives you the same skin tone on the face.
  4. For pretty, persistent red cheeks take two rouge shades. Start with a neutraltone, enter it on the cheekbones, blurring it toward hairline and then down. Finally, a swab stronger Rouge just comes down to the cheekbones. To emphasize, you can still give shimmer balm or above.
  5. Neutral, brown and pale lip colors look washed out in photos. Therefore choose a lipstick that is slightly stronger than your normal color. If you usually wear a neutraltone, take it as a primer, and give pink or pink to it. If you normally use a darktone, enter a bright pink on it to lift the color.
  6. Pink and plum look best with a bride. So that the lipstick lasts a long time, you should first surround the lips with lip liner and fill out completely.
  7. Contouring the brows with a matte eyeshadow that matches the hair color. Put white eyeshadow as a highlight under the brow, if you have fair skin. With a darker complexion, a vanillatone makes better.
  8. You should use matte eyeshadow, because it does not reflect the flash. Emphasize the crease. Use but not too intense or too dark colors that would distract from the eyes. Take a waterproof eyeliner that is not blurred by tears.
  9. If you prefer to contour the eyes with eyeshadow, wear it on a minimal damp eyeliner brush, it lasts longer. Use the eyelash curler before applying mascara and make sure to waterproof mascara. They last longer and can withstand a few tears.

After the eye makeup you emphasize the eye area again with a bright, matte eyeshadow. Dab the paint with your finger lightly on the outer edge of the brow bone.

Bridal Makeup Tips in Urdu

bridal makeup tips in Urdu

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