Cadillac CTS Car

Cadillac CTS car features and price

Cadillac has never played a role in Europe automobile market. The new Cadillac CTS car will be taken to the success of 2014 again a start. In the first test drives the sharp falls limousine pleasing to positive.

The new Cadillac CTS is the start of a product offensive, the American luxury brand with striking contours and a phalanx of vertically extending LED light cascade. The new Cadillac CTS trying to score points at the first contact.

Mainstream make the other, the American luxury brand, founded in 1902, which belongs to GM since the founding of General Motors (1909), is first on exceptional design.

Cadillac CTS Car

A CTS is not confused as fast with another car. And can drive fast, the Cadillac also, as if there is no speed limit in the United States.

  • Just eight minutes and 14 seconds looking for the 420 hp (308 kW) CTS-V Sport with its 3.6 liter V6 twin turbo engine for the famous Nordschleife in the Eifel, says.

But the competition from Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz is therefore need to worry. When the 2014 Cadillac CTS comes on the market, this engine will not be in this country to have the wonderfully creamy switching 8 speed automatic. This could prove to be a mistake.


At launch in the Cadillac  CTS exclusively with a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine (276 kW PS/203) is available. The power transmission takes place with a 6 speed automatic, either to the rear wheels or all four.

  • The top speed is 240 km / h, fuel consumption is given as 8.6 liters. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, the CTS needs only 6.8 seconds. 400 Newton meters of torque from 1700 rpm (up to 5500 rpm) to do something here.


In the first test drives already convinced of the rear wheel driven Cadillac CTS car with good handling characteristics.

  • The electric steering is precise un-American, a weight distribution of 50 : 50 provides a neutral cornering behavior.

Spontaneously responsive to the adaptive damper system changes its response in the millisecond range, and fitted as standard Brembo brakes provide effective delay.

Equipment Features

With the use of lightweight aluminum chassis components and structures with doors and hood Cadillac CTS save up some weight. Proud of the engineers are on a weight reduction of 110 kilograms compared to its predecessor.

Although the new Cadillac CTS has grown to 13 inches in length (to 4.97 meters). This is especially the passengers on the backseat benefit (only 388 liters of boot volume). The interior is inviting and waiting with quality surfaces.

The cockpit can be ordered optionally in real wood, carbon or aluminum-expression. Even the European customers will appeal to the copper colored shift paddles and the standard leather interior with clean seams set the grip leather steering wheel.

  • The eight inch touch screen monitor can be controlled with finger and hand movements. But the system does not always binding on touch inputs.

However, these systems can be switched off. Otherwise, seating position and lateral support are impeccable. Annoying is the lack of consideration through the rear window.

As with many other car models this is due to the flowing body lines. The optional rear-view camera is thus indispensable equipment feature.

  • The new Cadillac CTS is also the first for which an automatic parking assist is available. The system detects parallel parking and preferred driving the car purposefully into the gap.

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Cadillac CTS Car Price

Production of the Cadillac CTS starts in the fall at GM’s Lansing, Michigan. The base price for the feature rich Elegance version is 80,900 dollars.

  • The referenced magnetic Ride suspension system and leather upholstery are already included in this price.

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