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Check Mobile Registration with PTA

Check Mobile Registration with PTA

PTA (Pakistan Telecom Association) starts ban / blocked the unregistered IMEI mobile-phones / devices that are not compliant with PTA after 20th Oct 2018. If you have a smartphone and want to know how to register mobile with PTA? or whether your smartphone device is the complaint or not complaint with PTA then read the article carefully till the end.

Check the device is Complaint or Not

With the following 3 methods, you can check whether your smartphone device is the Valid / complaint or with PTA or not.

Method # 1

Go to the following link and enter your device IMEI number there. To find your Device IMEI number open your device dial pad and dial *#06# code in it.

1. Enter the 15 digits IMEI number of your smartphone device in the given box (Labeled as “Enter 15 Digits IMEI e.g 123456789012345”).
2. Prove re-CAPTCHA authentication and click on Check button.

Note: If you have a smartphone device with multiple Sim cards then check each IMEI number separately.

Method # 2

Check your smartphone devices IMEI number via SMS.

Type IMEI1: 123456789012345 and IMEI2: 123456789012345 in SMS / message and send it to 8484.

Method # 3

Check your smartphone device IMEI number via PTA official application.

to install PTA official application visit the following link from your Smartphone or type “Device Verification System (DVS) – DIRBS Pakistan” in the Play Store search.

After installing the app to your smartphone device “Enter” 15 digits IMEI number and click on check.

What reply did you receive in response?

While checking your smartphone device compliance with PTA you may get 4 type of notification or messages which are as below.

Reply / Message # 1

Your Device IMEI is Complaint.

If you receive this notification or reply. In this case, your smartphone device needs no further authentication and you can use your smartphone devices without any interruption or issue.

Reply / Message # 2

Your Device IMEI is Valid.

If you receive this notification or reply from PTA. Its mean your smartphone device IMEI is valid and need to register. to complete auto-registration Insert Sim cards to your smartphone device and make a call,  send a message / use internet on this device. Your device will be automatically registered after 20th Oct 2018 and device IMEI status will be marked as Complaint after this date.

Reply / Message # 3

Your Device IMEI is Not Complaint.

If you receive this notification or reply. It means that your smartphone device IMEI is either not allocated by GSMA or it is duplicated and needs to be paired. In this case, insert Sims in your device and make call, send SMS or use internet on that specific device. If your device has more then one sim slots then use all of them to auto-paired

Reply / Message # 4

Your Device IMEI is Blocked or Report Stolen.

If you receive this notification or reply from PTA. It means that your smartphone device is either blocked or reported stolen earlier by someone or you. In this case contact with Pakistan Telecom Association to unblock your smartphone device.

Activate not Complaint Devices

If your smartphone device status is not a complaint or marked as Blocked, you can contact PTA by following ways.

  1. email:
  2. Ph. +92 51 9225329-30
  3. Address: PTA Headquarters, Sector F- 5/1, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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