Children Teeth Care Tips

Children Teeth Care Tips

Subsequent children teeth care can be difficult but correct what is done daily at home wrong. Accompany From the first milk tooth to tooth brushing of the child, to guide it properly, motivate and thereby provide child friendly tooth care products available – only if these basic requirements are met for successful prevention of childhood, a healthy smile even in adulthood is hardly anything in the way.

Here we write children tooth care tips for children’s, by following these children teeth care tips your children can give proper tooth care to their teeth.

Children Tooth Care Tips

  1. Brush teeth at least 2 time a day (the morning after breakfast, at bedtime) The greater the child, the longer the brushing time – up to 3 minutes. Slowly increase.
  2. Teeth always clean from “red to white” to the teeth. Create toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the teeth. Clean with light circular or jogging forward movements.
  3. Not too much pressure on the brush exercise – less is more and protects teeth and gums. Prefer a softer brush, so use medium or soft, in order to preserve the gums. An occasional “Bad” in mouthwash makes the toothbrush again hygienically fresh.
  4. After brushing toothpaste residue removed with a brush and water, shake dry. Set upright in the tumbler, the head upwards. Oral bacteria do not like it dry and light, so you can protect the brush from rapid bacterial growth.
  5. Also quality toothbrushes do not last forever! Every 3 months at the latest should be changed toothbrushes – in children more frequently. Once the brush bristles protrude should be exchanged for a new one.

Brushing teeth should be fun! Together, Teeth, laughing and once grimace or gargle loud so you motivate children best. No threats to the dentist when it is not cleaned – that makes me afraid of the dentist visit, and preventive measures difficult.

Children Teeth Care Tips in Urdu

Children teeth care tips in Urdu

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