Children Tooth Care Tips

Children tooth care tips

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Although the oral health of children to the country is getting better here include the education of the little ones to thoroughly brush your teeth in many families of the great challenges of everyday life. Because children to move to a conscientious oral hygiene at home in bathrooms, appears frequently as an adult problem.

Accompany the 1st milk tooth to tooth brushing of the child, guide it properly, motivate and thereby provide child friendly oral care products available only if these basic requirements are met for successful prevention of childhood, a healthy smile even in adulthood is hardly anything in the way.

Children Tooth Care Tips

Important children tooth care tips are as fallows:

Tips # 1

Teeth at least 2 times a day brushing (the morning after breakfast, at bedtime) The greater the child, the longer the brushing time up to 3 minutes.

Tips # 2

Always brush your teeth from the gum of “red to white” to the teeth. Creating a toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the teeth. Clean with light circular movements or shaking forward. Not exert too much pressure on the brush less is more and protects teeth and gums.

Tips # 3

With the hardest to reach places, so start the molars and first clean the inside surfaces. It should be very thoroughly cleaned so use the initial swing. Last clean the front teeth. Prefer a softer brush, so use soft or medium, in order to preserve the gums.

Tips # 4

Small bristle heads and ergonomic, thicker handle are ideal for children to develop the right feeling for your teeth. After brushing, toothpaste residue removed with water and shake dry brush.

Tips # 5

An occasional “bad” in mouthwash makes your toothbrush hygienically fresh again. Also quality toothbrushes do not last forever! Every 3 months at the latest toothbrushes should be changed in children more frequently. Once the brush bristles should desist be exchanged for a new one.

Tips # 6

Brushing teeth should be fun! Brushing together, laugh and even grimace or gargle loud so you motivate children best. No threats to the dentist, if not cleaned that’s afraid of the dentist, and prevention difficult.

Extra tips

  1. For fun, also includes a toothpaste for children adapted with low fluoride content of their body weight.
  2. Try what the children tastes whether or fruit flavored bubble gum, sweet and not spicy it should be, with sweetener, natural sugar.

Children Tooth Care Tips in Urdu

Children Tooth Care Tips in Urdu

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