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Daily Foot Care Tips

Daily foot care tips

Our hands, so that we consider as a business card that are perceived in everyday life of many people and will be maintained. We file the nails, we polish and paint them, we take care of the cuticles and massage creams also the most expensive one ever. But our feet? Those who already sees our feet? Feet run so with. In the truest sense of the word. But eventually the neglected member reports at the end of our body then with pressure pain, ingrown toenails or corns.

Feet need more attention than we give them in general. Rough skin, cracked heels, corns, ingrown nails and broken when feet are together, they would rather hide in boots as present in sandals. It must not be that, because the proper foot care tips for beautiful feet makes very little work but pays twice. Comprehensive care is mainly in autumn and winter essential find attached the most important foot care tips and care tips and tricks for feet in Urdu.

Daily Foot Care Tips

  1. Proper foot care begins with the daily washing. It is best to use a mild soap sparingly. Otherwise, the skin dries out too much and is easily cracked.
  2. Make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 37 degrees Celsius. Foot baths for more than 3 minutes because the skin softens and is vulnerable and cracked, germs and bacteria can easily penetrate
  3. After washing feet and toes should be thoroughly dried, even if it just needs to go in the morning often quickly. Don’t forget especially between the toes, otherwise, in the warm, moist air easily Athlete’s foot arise.
  4. To avoid cracks, rub the skin on the heel or sole of the foot with moisturizing products. Soft and beautiful skin does not come by itself there must already manufactures a pedicure and there should be the way to pedicures are not afraid.
  5. Healthy feet need healthy nails. cut nails every three to four weeks, they should be cut. All used instruments of nail care, nail scissors so, pincers and files should be absolutely clean to prevent infection. Not too short and not cut into the corners, because the risk that the nails grow increases and that is an unpleasant and painful thing.

Extra Foot Care Tips

At least twice a month, the feet should be pampered with a detailed beauty program. It starts with a scrub.

Mix 1 tsp of coarse sea salt with 2 tsp of olive oil and rub therewith your feet. This scrub away old skin and prepares the feet on the foot. Baths with sea salt make feet kicking. Milk and whey baths help with chapped skin on the feet, chamomile flowers with sore feet. Fragrant flavor additives to make the bathroom spa experience.

Daily Foot Care Tips in Urdu

Daily foot care tips in Urdu

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