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Dark Lips Care Tips

Dark Lips Care & Beauty Tips

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Soft pink lips are the dream of all women. Although lips give attractive look, natural luster to the face and skin, which gives you a beautiful smile. Many of the women in the current period is facing the problem of dark lips, which produces the result of excessive intake of tea and coffee, frequent exposure to direct, or non skin care as appropriate.

Smoking also of the most important reasons that lead to dark lips. Instead of carrying additional cosmetics products, and lip care products, you can prepare some delicious dark lips care masks at home for pink lips to get rid of dark pigments in the lip area.

Dark Lips Care

Following are some useful and effective tips and remedies for dark lips care.

Tips # 1

Use a serum prepared from the honey and lemon, it is an excellent treatment for dark lips. Mix equal amounts of lemon juice with natural honey to prepare Serum naturally to remove the tan.

This helps to peeling lips and eliminate dark color using extracts of lemon, helping to feed the region through the nutrients available in honey to give pink color on the lips.

Tips # 2

Apart from the various external factors that lead to dark skin, the dry lips may also cause the same problem. Use glycerin on the lips by using sticks ear before going to sleep every night.

Glycerin helps to retain moisture and protection from drought to eliminate dark lips.

Tips # 3

Put a slice of beetroot in the fridge. Then use it to massage the lips gently several times during the day. It is one of the most aesthetic tricks that help get rid of dark lips and ensures the rosy lips rally in a few days.

Tips # 4

Use almond oil on the lips before going to sleep, it helps to lighten the lips naturally. Use cucumber juice regularly on the lips also helps to lighten the color of the lips.

Tips # 5

Take care properly enough for the body by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day at least for the prevention of dehydration, which causes excess tints for lips.

Dark Lips Care Tips in Urdu

Dark Lips Care in Urdu

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