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Dark Lips Care Tips

Dark Lips Care Tips

Dark lips can certainly spoil the beauty look of your face. There are various factors that cause your lips might be too dark. Excessive smoking is a major cause of dark lips. Some others might also drink too much caffeine, over exposure to sun rays or with lip color of poor quality.

If you suffer from dark lips problem, you should make it sure that you go for the dark lips treatment because it makes your face loses its luster. We put here dark lips care tips and dark lips care tips in Urdu. You can get benefits from these home lips care tips and can get beautiful pink lips.

Dark Lips Care Tips

  1. As a first thing in the morning, it is better that you try exfoliating your lips, because they in removing the dead cells from your lips and make them soft is helpful.
  2. If your lips are chapped or dehydrated, you should not forget to apply a good quality lip balm. Applying lip balm at night before going to bed every day will certainly prevent your lips from getting chapped.
  3. Make sure that you apply the lipstick suits your lips. Many times it happens that we do. Lipstick not of good quality, which causes, in fact, that the lips have become dark.
  4. Always apply a lip liner before lipstick on her lips. Try to use a mild type of lipsticks. One of the most popular dark lips treatment is through the use of cocoa butter.
  5. Choose your lipstick mark wisely. If once you start notice a visible change in the color of your lips, it is better to use this brand.

Homemade Remedies

  1. Beeswax lip balm this is one of the most popular lip balm on the market today and the positive aspect of this balm is that it is natural. It is a natural emulsifier and not only moisturizes the lips, but also helps to remove the dark color of the lips.
  2. You can also use lemon juice to the lips to prevent darkening of the lips. Apply olive oil on your lips, not only moisturizing the skin but also prevent the dark color.
  3. If your lipstick has expired, it is best to throw them away. Lime, honey and glycerin should be mixed and applied to the lips into a fine paste.
  4. Some juices such as lime juice, beetroot is also effective in reducing the tone of your dark lips. But if all this comes a change in your lip color to bring and keep your lips still dark, then it is best to consult a good dermatologist.

Dark Lips Care Tips in Urdu

Dark lips care tips in Urdu

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