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Earn Money with Fanslave

Earn Money with Fanslave

Fanslave is a social media marketing platform that has made it its goal to bring together private users to earn money with Fanslave. The main emphasis is placed on Facebook, the social network with the highest by far reach.

A click on the Like button is many companies worth money. The user, however, can earn money with Fanslave with their Facebook account, and this at a very low cost.

Earn Money with Fanslave

But how exactly you can earn money with fanslave as a private user on Fanslave? It is quite simple. You have to 1st with a valid email address register. This is of course at no cost. Then you get sent a link that you must click, and already the 1st step is done.

Now, only a link to the Facebook account must be established. This too is not difficult. Only about 5 friends must have the account, but the most active users already have much more virtual friendships.

In the members area of Fanslave you find a link that takes you to Facebook and can confirm there that the Fanslave app is authorized to access. Even one is active as a user and can start to earn money with fanslave account.

Members Area

In the members area you will find an overview that displays various Facebook fan pages of different companies. If you call the appropriate link to and then click on “Like”, the Fanslave account is credited with a certain number of credits.

Converted it is usually 0.02 to 0.04 euros, you get a click. This seems at 1st not particularly like much, but over time it adds up. This kind of expression of interest is not the only way to earn money with Fanslave.

Affiliate Program

As already mentioned, clicking on “Like” and “Follow” not the only way to earn money with Fanslave. There is also a lucrative affiliate program that you should definitely take advantage of. Therefore you have to do anything further to advertise as new members. This sounds at first difficult than it is.

If you reported with due enthusiasm of the porch, even more people out of the circle of friends want to log in to Fanslave determined. For each member has its own referral link, which it can spread at will (e.g, by email, on your own blog or social networks).

Someone reports on this link to Fanslave on, you get this 15% commission on all the merits of this new member. In the 2nd level of the partner program still 1.5%, you can earn the other on income. Particularly when the referred member, in turn, recruits new users.

Then you will be involved in their merit with a lifetime commission. So the balance is growing at Fanslave practically on all by itself. It is therefore strongly recommended to use the Portal.

Buy Facebook Fans

If an entrepreneur wants to buy Facebook fans, he has in Fanslave choose between different packages. It starts at a price of 49 euros for 100 fans with target group setting. The biggest package includes 10,000 real fans with a fixed target group and costs 999 Euro.

If you want to save the money for the definition of the target group and even get 20,000 fans for 999 euros. However, it is strongly recommended to limit the group of persons. So you can be sure to get quality contacts mediated, which may even become real customers.

Also, the number of the desired new Facebook fans per day can be specified. So you have as a business owner complete control over the type and number of new fans for my Facebook page.


Private users can transfer their credits once it has reached a height of 15 euros. For this you need only specify a PayPal account. This has the advantage that one must not transmit any bank details to the seller. Within a short time the amount will be credited to the PayPal account.

Those who wish can also reinvest his credit. If, for example, even has a Facebook page whose reputation you want to increase the earned credits can also be used to even buy fans.


User can earn money with Fanslave account by “Like” here and there to click and additionally participate in the Affiliate Program. Entrepreneurs can purposefully acquire new fans for their Facebook presence and thus not only increase the reputation of their side, but also genuine customers to win.

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