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Earn Money With Photos

Earn Money With Photos

There are many ways to earn money with photos. But there is a popular and fairly new way, by archive Photography websites also called micro-stock photography.

Micro-stock photography is simple archive photograph sold at good prices. Customers can archive photos are already using for $1 or $2, and photographers earn every time because when a customer chooses one of their photos from the existing archive.

Micro-stock photography infected allegedly still in its infancy, and some find it not correct that photography is sold at such low prices. Especially since some professional photographers spend a lot of time and money on their equipment, education and training and photo shoots.

For the beginner photographers Micro-stock photography agencies can be the ideal place to start “career”. Since the entry requirements are not too strict, many amateur photographers already have can work a second Financial through their photos.

Earn money with photos

The process to earn money with photos, especially through Micro-stock photography agencies is fairly simple.

  1. Do research online for Micro-stock photography agencies. There are quite a few, but initially meet one or two until you’re fit it.
  2. Choose your absolute best photo from the first application. Some agencies expect ten photos for the application, others are content with just three.
  3. Your photos are reviewed by humans and then either rejected or accepted and integrated into the Micro-stock photography file. If your photos are accepted, they are for customers to “buy” accessible.

Earn money with Micro-stock Photography

Strictly speaking, they do not buy your image completely. You buy the right to use the image. Normally, Micro-stock Photography is used for websites. Sometimes for advertising, brochures or other marketing channels. The photographer retains the copyright to always own image and can normally sell the same image over and over again to different customers.

And that’s the advantage of Micro-stock photography. Once you have made a great photo and you have signed up, you can with this image every month sometimes year after year to make money.

Micro-stock photography agencies pay 0.20 or $ 0.50 per image usage or download. This does not seem much, although a good photographer with several hundred pictures on offer could develop a profitable second income because it all adds up.

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