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Eid Makeup Tips

Eid Makeup Tips

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Eid is coming soon and summer is in full swing, that’s why today we have a few helpful eid makeup tips for you that will guarantee you a perfect look. Simple makeup tips to improve your appearance as well as the skin condition.

They should know your skin type in advance for you to prepare a stock with the right products. Use produce from the pharmacy or corporate transactions, where the quality of cosmetics is guaranteed.

Eid Makeup Tips

Below are eid makeup tips, with these makeup tips you improve your appearance and skin condition.

Tips # 1

Keep the makeup primer completely gone and rely on the concealer. Only with concealer you need not worry that your makeup and gloss smudge.

If the 1st makeup tip is not for you, then try using a tinted moisturizer that balances the skin and adds shine.

Tips # 2

Makeup stylists recommend applying tanning creams with a slight shimmer and peach or pink tones as color cast over the cheek bones, the nose and the temples, that is, where the sun touches the face naturally.

Tips # 3

Apply a little highlighter on the cheekbones and the brow bone and along the nasal bone. Use your makeup in various ways.

Use your lipstick, For example, not only to makeup your lips, but also instead of rouge, as creamy blush on the cheeks.

Tips # 4

If a waterproof mascara irritates your eyes, then use a transparent mascara over your regular black on the upper lash line to reinforce the color and apply on the lower lash line only a transparent mascara on.

Tips # 5

The last and final tip of eid makeup tips, Use only to find bright colors for the lips, but try to match the color for yourself.

After that if your hairs are long and straight then give them desired style that you like. If you hairs are short then you can blow-dry them.

Eid Makeup Tips in Urdu

Eid Makeup Tips in Urdu

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