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Energy Saving Tips for Home

Energy Saving Tips for Home

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The use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas caused “Greenhouse” gas and contributes to global warming. Nevertheless we use the entire load from the current which is produced worldwide, only one third. The rest is wasted as heat. Therefore, energy saving and improving energy efficiency for home is the most important source of energy and the only one that saves you money.

So seeing the energy crises in world and specially in our own counter “Pakistan” we decide to aware our people about the energy (Electricity) problems and tell them easy and useful energy saving tips for home.

Energy Saving Tips for Home

With our energy saving tips you can save energy at home, school, office and even in shopping malls for future.

Tips # 1

Turn your device completely, because even in stand-by mode electrical devices consume power and charge your wallet and the environment significantly.

Electronics retailer you get switchable power strips that allow you to TV, stereo or printer to turn off.

Tips # 2

Unplug charger from the socket after use, since they also draw off power when not in use. If you go on vacation, you should all electrical devices even boilers and water heaters from the mains.

Tips # 3

Use lamps with energy efficiency class A, light emitting diodes (LED), fluorescent energy saving lamps. These bulbs last 6 to 15 times longer than incandescent conventional.

Halogen lamps, we can not recommend, because they consume much more energy than LEDs or CFLs.

Tips # 4

Use the residual heat during baking. When the required temperature is reached, turn off the oven just prematurely. Do not heat the oven. In addition, the re-circulation function is more efficient than bottom heat.

Tips # 5

Defrost your refrigerator and freezers from your regularly. Otherwise the ice formed consumed a lot of energy.

Set your refrigerator is not next to radiator, oven or dishwasher because he requires more energy to cool. 6 to 7 degrees Celsius are sufficient for cooling food.

Energy Saving Tips for Home in Urdu

Energy Saving Tips for Home in Urdu

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