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Eyes Care Tips in Urdu

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The eyes are undoubtedly one of the most important sensory organs. What the eyes do, however, every day, you know usually only appreciate when the view stops working so smoothly. Typical eyes problems include failing eyesight and dry or irritated eyes.

So why not support the eyes a little, so that they can continue to provide reliable service? Who wants to do his eyes something good, can do with peace and the right eyes care tips and to diet a lot.

Eyes Care Tips

Daily essential eyes care tips for men and women are as fallows.

Tips # 1

Amazing but true even the eyes look forward to a balanced diet. An optimal supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements affects namely positive effect on the eyesight and so on eye health.

  • Vitamin contained in carrot A and its precursor beta carotene provide excellent night vision.

Tips # 2

A healthy eye lens also needs vitamin C (found in citrus fruits, or peppers). Also, vitamin E (found in high quality vegetable oils) makes an important contribution to eye health.

Tips # 3

According to Chinese medicine, the eye health depends, among other things, the health of the liver. Accordingly, you can protect your eyes by not overloading your liver with toxins and unhealthy eating enjoyment.

Tips # 4

Who belongs to the screen workers, should his eyes every hour take a short rest. That is the view for a moment away from the computer set up, close your eyes and possibly cover without pressure with your hands insofar as this is perceived as pleasant. After a few minutes, the eyes are wonderfully relaxed.

Tips # 5

Even artificial yawn can relax the eyes, because that tear fluid is amplified out to the eyes. By then blink the eye is moistened and protected from drying out.

  • Due to rare blink the cornea dries out faster. No wonder, then, that computer workers often irritated and dry eyes complain.

Tips # 6

If the ambient air while the screen work by heating in the winter or air conditioning in the summer too little moisture, the problem of dry eyes is usually exacerbated even further.

If neither is possible and sufficient rest breaks and the eye care tips above is no longer sufficient to moisten the eyes enough, then you may make the offer in drop or spray form “artificial tears” for appropriate relief.

Eyes Care Tips in Urdu

Eyes Care Tips in Urdu

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