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Find WiFi Password

Find WiFi Password

In today’s modern technology era, in our neighbor there are many WiFi networks are available, which are password protected. And because of their passwords, we can’t connect to the internet using these networks. In today’s tutorial, we show you how you can find WiFi password of any network via your computer. Before knowing how to find password trick, please read the following note carefully.

What you read in this article had higher tense to get misused, because by using this method you see/access others WiFi passwords. But we don’t recommend you to see others WiFi passwords without their permission. I only write this article for educational purposes, we don’t support or promote any illegal activities, and we aren’t responsible for any illegal activity by you, So please don’t misuse it.

Find WiFi Password

To find WiFi password with this simple trick, follow the following steps. But please note down that to find WiFi Password you must connect with the specific WiFi Network at least once in the past before trying this trick.

Tips # 1

First, click on Windows “Start Menu” and without clicking on any Taskbar element type “CMD” from the keyboard.

Tips # 2

In search bar the “Command Prompt” function will sort out, Now right click on it and open it as “Run as Administrator”

If you don’t choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu, the Command Prompt will not get launched with Admin Rights/ Administrative privileges, may result in method failure.

Tips # 3

Now in the “Command prompt” type the following command. (See image for more details)

netsh wlan show profiles

Hit the “Enter” key from your keyboard. By doing you will see all the WiFi networks/hotspot profile with their specific name. Now pick the one WiFi network profile to find password.

For Example, I select “HOME” network profile.

Now once more type the following Command in “Command Prompt” to find password of selected network/profile.

netsh wlan show profile HOME key=clear

And finally hit the “Enter” key from your keyboard.

Tips # 4

The Profile information of the selected WiFi Network displayed automatically in “Command Prompt”.

Profile information → "Security Setting" → "Key Content"

So by using this simple trick, you can Find WiFi Password of your neighbor or friends. Hope you like this trick, please share it with your friends.

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