Firm Tummy Exercises

Firm Tummy Exercises

We all dream of a flat and toned stomach. But how much, and the coveted washboard abs falls not just in the life of heaven. When we do sports and firm tummy exercises the extra calories and fat burning happens, especially if, during at least 40 minutes of endurance sports (jogging, swimming, cycling, routine exercises) are operated at mediocre speed.

Firm Tummy Exercises

Here are 4 firm tummy exercises for stomach, with these firm tummy exercises you can get flat and firm stomach.

#1 Exercise

Lie on your back with your legs are bent at a 90 ° angle and lie with her heels on a chair, his hands touching her temples. Inhale and lift it to the upper body by rolling it forward and up.

Return to the starting position by the back slowly roll back until the shoulder blades touch the ground. Here exhale. Repeat the exercise.

#2 Exercise

Lie on your back, bend your left leg and place the right leg with the ankle on the left knee from. Place the left hand on the left temple and the right hand on the right hip. Breathe, then set up on the upper body by trying, with the left elbow to touch your right knee, and exhale it.

Return to the starting position by rolling slowly until the shoulder blades touch the back of the floor. Repeat the exercise.

#3 Exercise

Kneel on all fours. Breathe in slowly through your nose while pulling the abdomen as far as possible. Keep the stomach drawn in accordance with the times (depending on level).

Repeat this firm tummy exercises 10 times.

#4 Exercise

The 4th exercise is less an best of firm tummy exercises, but rather the right attitude, because a stooped posture favors the relaxation of the abdominal muscles and the accumulation of fat.

  • Pay attention to an upright posture, whether you are standing or sitting. Keep as straight as possible by pulling the shoulders back to open the chest body, tighten your butt and let work your abdominal muscles.
  • Put on soft gym. Stretching exercises, Yoga, Pilates & Co. to support a healthy, harmonious posture. Also dancing or water aerobics are also helpful for flat and firm stomach.
  • Stretch out. When I wake up (mandatory), and whenever you feel like after that during the day. Stand erect with stomach pulled in, and try using the fingertips to touch the ceiling, by making himself as big as possible.

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