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Foot Care Tips in Urdu

feet care tipsFeet are the important part of our body without them we can’t move here and there or from one place to other. Where our feet give us ability to walk as well as the keep our body in balance state. As we care our body parts like face, neck, hands and hairs daily we should also give some daily care to our feet to put them healthy and clean because the dust and soil cracked our feet skin and specially heel making it “dry and rough”.

Here we tell you foot care tips, healthy foot care tips in Urdu. By reading our these foot care tips and foot care tips in Urdu we hope that your are able to care your feet well and try to put them healthy and clean.

Foot care tips

1. Every time when you come from out side wash your feet with soap and after washing give “foot message” to your feet with lotion or cream. If you do so then you can prevent your feet skin from cracking and make you foot skin soft and clean.

2. Buy new shoes according to your foot size. Because the narrow shoes make your feet heel skin hard and put pressure on your fingers and disturb the structure and shape of your feet. It is more batter if you wear handmade “sandals”, “slipper” or “shoes”.

3. If you stand on your feet for long time you feet swell out. But if you walk long distance that’s good for your feet and body health. Put equal pressure and weight on your both feet when you are standing up. On stand up our body weight fall on our feet if you didn’t put balance weight on your feet then your feet can loss natural beauty.

4. Don’t use tight socks because tight socks put pressure on your feet “muscles” and disturb the blood supply to cells and tissues. Also change your socks after two days and wear new because old socks leave “aggressive bad smell” on you feet.

5. Don’t let your feet wet for long time because this can cause “fungal infection”. This “infection” spoil the area between your fingers your feel pain and Scabies between you fingers. Try to keep dry the area between your fingers with cotton batch or cloth after taking bath or washing feet. Don’t apply any type of lotion or cream between your fingers.

Foot care tips in Urdu

Foot care tips in urdu

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