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Free calls to Turkey

Free calls to Turkey

You are looking for a way to make free phone calls to Turkey? Then you are exactly right here! Some online VoIP calling software’s offer you the possibility to make phone calls for free from Pakistan to Turkey.

Whether you want to call your family, friends or business partners in Turkey, They will connect you free of charge to 100%! No subscription, no registration, no hidden costs! Free calls to Turkey has never been so simple and never so fair. Try our service now and recommend us to your friends and acquaintances!

Free call to Turkey

Here below we introduce well known online VoIP calls providers Callcheap, through their VoIP calling network you can make cheap and free calls to Turkey from Pakistan.


Callcheap is online call through service. They offer extremely cheap or even free calls to Turkey and abroad.

Wait a minute, free calls to Turkey and abord? How is this possible? It’s simple, in addition to Callcheap 01803, 01805 and 09005 dial-in numbers, Callcheap also have dial-up numbers in the fixed network.

The trick is, if you have a flat rate or inclusive minutes are you talking completely free of charge to Callcheap access numbers and therefore can reach more than 40 destinations around the world for free. If you do not have flat rate, low fees are only charged for a normal landline call. That means you talk for either free or extremely cheap.

How it works?

  1. Choose one of our access numbers , depending in which country you want to call after or making cheap and free calls to Turkey.
  2. Once you’re connected, you said a friendly voice as you can dial out.
  3. Tip the number of the caller on your telephone keypad in the format 00 + country code + subscriber.
  4. Pressing the pound key (#) on your keyboard or just wait a few seconds and you will be automatically connected.
  5. Your conversation partner decreases, and you are glad that you can set it as low or even call for free.

For example, suppose you want a friend with the number “123456” in Istanbul, Turkey, First you would dial the access number 0209-95509302, you’re giving 00 90232 123 456 # (00 + 90 = country code of Turkey Istanbul + 232 + 123456 subscriber number + # key) and that’s it.

And another Example, suppose you want a relative with the number “123456” in Vienna, Austria, First you would dial the access number 01803-777723, you’re giving 00 431 123456 # (00 + 43 = country code of Austria + 1 Vienna 123456 + subscriber number + # key) and finished.

Always manually type in the phone number of your interlocutor takes time and is annoying in the long run. Therefore, selectable with a little trick just directly from your phone book. Between Cheapcall call-in number and the number of your interlocutor you simply adding an a pause character (P).

On a Nokia phone would you rate the number of our above mentioned imaginary friend in London save as, 020995509302 P 0090232123456 and voila call him as to how you are used to, but with the difference that the call is routed through Cheapcall convenient dial-in number.

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