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Free Calls to USA

Free Calls to USA

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Looking for a way to make free calls to USA? Know how you can make free calls to America, whether with friends, family or work colleagues. Call your family in Los Angeles or your friends in New York City, Atlanta, Miami or San Francisco.

No matter where in the United States you are talking lives, with Facebook you can call him at any time free of charge. Free call to USA has never been so simple and easy as this.

Free Calls to USA

Facebook is expanding its offer for free voice calls using the Facebook Messenger app in USA. Currently it only make iPhone users use Android users have to wait for an adaptation of the app.

Facebook had tried free voice calls via its Facebook Messenger App in Canada a few months ago. After successful testing, the offer was eventually extended to the United States and is also available in Europe, though initially only in the UK from today.

VOIP calling for Facebook Messenger on iOS will go live in the USA. This Means That You you can free call to USA friends in Facebook Messenger for free by tapping the ‘I’ button in on individual conversation and then tapping ‘Free Call’.

Rivals such as WhatsApp offer this kind features, however in all markets in which they operate. In addition, the feature is not yet accommodated the date of publication in the App Store description, however, would have to hold throughout the day feeder.

It may be only a matter of time before Facebook expands the service to other countries. Who lives in the USA, can now lead the go free VoIP calls over WiFi or data connection of his mobile phone on the Facebook Messenger and can make free call to USA numbers.

Facebook wants to presumably bind especially younger members of his services, who have chosen to their smartphones cheaper mobile tariffs with limited talk time.

Free calls to USA in Urdu

Free calls to USA in Urdu

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