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Free Calls With FaceTime

Free calls with FaceTime

FaceTime iOS Audio 7 also offers pure voice calls when no video is used, or the connection is too bad. We show what the new FaceTime version can if you want to make free call to UK, USA, Canada, Australia and China.

The advantage of free calls with FaceTime audio as Internet phone lies in the fact that there is a iOS system function is. FaceTime calls appear as ordinary calls in the call list, can be started directly from the address book or missed calls. The disadvantage is that only the connection works between iPhones via FaceTime.

Free Calls With FaceTime

FaceTime is great in system of iPhone integrated. Accordingly, many ways are there to connect. The classical method is via the phone app.

Here you can select a contact as usual as the destination, you will find the telephone numbers below the entry for FaceTime. Here you can tap either on the camera icon for a video calls and on the phone for FaceTime audio.

It can also be launched directly from the address book, a FaceTime call or message through the app by tapping the top right on “Contact Us” within a conversation.

FaceTime App For iOS and Android

Alternatively, since the iOS App 7 FaceTime available. It offers such as the phone app favorites and call lists, however, they only show the FaceTime related entries. That makes things a little clearer.

Of course, you also have access to your contacts and groups here. Since FaceTime can not know to which mobile number or Email address a connection is possible, it is advisable to create a separate group or favorites for FaceTime enabled contacts.

For iPhone users, there is according to iMessage as an alternative to SMS is another way to replace a classic phone function by an IP based service. About FaceTime audio can make free unlimited long calls with other iOS 7 users worldwide. The joy is expected to remain at the wireless providers within limits.

So far is FaceTime in contrast to SIP protocol for most providers unhindered through the filter. You have to wait and see if this will change. On the other hand, providers earn course well that they sell larger data packets for the Internet usage. Long term, the business models are likely to be reversed anyway and traditional phone calls to the option of the data contract.

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