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Free Conference Calls

Free Conference Calls

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Free conference call make up so much of the life of today’s work-sometimes almost all of it. We spend so much time in meetings, we want conference calling systems to run quickly and work smoothly. So, that we can get the information we need and move on to other urgent matters.

Today, anyone can create a quick conference call with someone they like; Your business partner, your partners, or just a newcomer who needs to be told what to do. The major and better conference calls services are full of features that bring out the best in group calls and Online meetings.

Free Conference Calls

Free Conference Calls

Standard features include audio recording capability, screen sharing support, automated transcriptions (created when converting digital recordings to text), web interfaces with hosting tools for call management and participant tracking, and availability 24/7.

I’m going to be putting the emphasis on some video calling services. Because I believe that technology trends evolve, we’ll see more and more kind of one-on-one conferencing software coming out.

#1 Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is probably one of the fastest ways to get up and run with your free conference call. It can be used literally on any device you have be and the quality of the calls is remarkable.

You can organize your contacts so that you can always make fast calls is necessary, you can also live-broadcast your conferences if you will, transparency is seen a lot!

#2 Freebridge

Freebridge is a free conference platform that can host telephone conferences of up to 100 people, a number that you most likely will not achieve in the very near future as I believe large corporations have this part of their business Already attended.

Freebridge is commonly used to hold directory meetings, legal statements, sales or training seminars, or even on a conference call with family and friends. Organize a free conference call, and watch your business processes rationalize, increase productivity, communicate vital information quickly, and save time and money with Freebridge.

#3 Free Conference Calls

I gotta give these guys, hook up the ‘Free Calling Conference’ company name was a very smart idea, but fortunately these guys are also providing the necessary value.

You can make free conference calls up to 1,000 people, also it include interesting feature to get detailed reports of your conference calls in the Dashboard account. The statistics are always fine, especially if you have to control attendance.

#4 SendHub

SendHub provides simplicity, accessibility and multi-channel customer service for business telephone. Finally, a phone solution that is flexible and adaptable to the dynamic needs of small and medium-sized businesses, without adding costs and the complexity of their operations.

Its clients include companies such as AT&T and Pigeonly etc. Include the great futures like automatic voice transcribing to text and the ability to send messages from people with link to join the conversation.

#5 Skype for Business

The Skype service has been around since 2003, originally created as a way for people to video conference with their friends and family. Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, and there is still a free version for personal calls from Skype to Skype.

Skype for Business is available for Windows and Macintosh, iOS and Windows tablets and smart-phones devices. Customers can sign up for standalone Skype with business plans ranging from $ 2 per user per month, or choose an Office 365 plan. All plans offer HD audio and video call for up to 250 participants.

Features include a presence interface, an instant messaging tool, ability to transfer control of presentations to participants, and support for custom surveys and question-and-answer sessions.

Pros and Cons

One problem that users have with some free services is that the sound quality is poor. Complications can also arise when you try to combine 2 services. For example, you use a service for audio communication and another for sharing screen or collaborating Online.

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