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Free International Calls

Free International Calls

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Every one have desire to talk and to make free international calls to their family members, friends and relative which are settle aboard. 1st it is quiet expensive to make calls abroad, but now it is possible to make long distance cheap calls to almost 40 countries of world for free.

Lots of VoIP calls providers are offering to make calls to U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, France, China, India, Pakistan and U.A.E for free.

Free International Calls

Despite the high cross linking of the free world calling into foreign and distant countries are still not self evident. Despite social networks or modern means of communication such as email or WhatsApp, it may sometimes be necessary that you have to speak to another human being.

But what to do if the other party is currently located abroad? If you want free abroad calls there are not many options. With these following providers, you can make calls for free or with cheap rates.

#1 Skype

With Skype you can make cheap calls. The downside is that your trying to call also have a Skype account and has the software must have installed.

In addition, an internet connection is required and the necessary hardware such as a PC with a microphone and speakers or a modern smartphone with a data plan to surf the internet.

#2 Google Voice

Even with Google Voice can lead to international calls. However, the conditions to be satisfied at Google are the same as Skype. Without internet access at the desired partner can not take a phone call.

After all, Google Voice doesn’t apply to the installation of software that can be run as directly via the browser the conversation. Nevertheless, there must be a Google account to make free calls.

#3 Viber

With the Viber you can make international and local calls. The disadvantage is that you and your party need a smartphone. Call quality is also acceptable only when WiFi or 3G connections.

Free International Calls in Urdu

Free International Calls in Urdu

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