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Free Phone Calls

Free Phone Calls

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Free phone calls! Yes, this is real that now with Android and iOS smartphone and tablets you can make national and international calls for free.

With the era of smartphones we can become prohibitive prices to compensate companies contact free applications installed on our phones, we can easily contact our friends inside and outside the home without the need to spend money anymore on phone calls.

Free Phone Calls

We have consistently published numerous applications that provide free calls and messages on our blog and today we will give you a new application features and much better, application “Libon”. With this application you can make free calls to 40 countries.


Libon application is a program that runs on smartphones: iPhone iOs and Android system developed by well-known telecommunications company Orange. With Libon we can make free calls and send text messages using the Internet WiFi or 3G connection

We can say that the application is a combination of several applications such as Viber and blackberry messenger etc.

Application Features

The unique features of Libon application are as fallows:-

  1. Unlimited calls with users of the application.
  2. High quality HD voice unlike any other.
  3. You can also send text messages, pictures, videos with the application users.
  4. Call forwarding and voice messages to text messages in English, French and Spanish.
    Voice mail feature.
  5. Take advantage of the features of the Web application version on your computer.

How to Make Calls?

To use LIBON app for free calls you have to first download it for your device. You can download app by searching for “LIBON” in the AppStore applications store for iPhone and Play Store for Android smartphones.

  1. After download, open the application it will ask you to register or set up a new account, do so by clicking on the? New to Libon.
  2. Now here fill in the boxes, including suits you: first name, last name, mail is, the mobile number (be sure to add it correctly) and password. Then click on Validate.
  3. After that you will receive a call the activation number enter it in the desired location.

This be successfully established a new account and you can then use the application to make free phone calls.

Free Phone Calls in Urdu

Free Phone Calls in Urdu

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