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Free WiFi Calls

Free WiFi Calls

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Make phone calls over WiFi internet access can be a cost-effective alternative to using a standard fare service. Mobile phone calls placed over WiFi can also be useful in times of need, if tariff service is not available. Free WiFi calls the phone requires an Internet service provider and a compatible device.

Free WiFi Calls

Making WiFi calls with WiFi is as easy as 123. You can make calls from mobiles to mobiles through smartphones by using any WiFi hotspot.

For doing so you need smartphone or mobile with WiFi function. Search for WiFi networks through mobile phone. If you have access to any nearest WiFi hotspot then follows these instructions.

Tips # 1

To make free WiFi calls get WiFi calling service from an online vendor like Skype or Google Voice.

WiFi calling tips

Select the WiFi tariff with the most attractive prices. You can choose a plan with a monthly minute allotment, or you can pay per minute.

Tips # 2

Download and install the WiFi service call provider app to the device. Follow the WiFi calling services instructions to get the software to the device.

  • You may be able to use a download link from a text message, a web address or file transfer from another device.

Tips # 3

Open the WiFi service providers application on your mobile phone. Enter the phone number you are calling, or choose a preset want to contact. Thus, a wireless call that no tariff minutes to make your phone.


  • Ask your WiFi calling service provider for a list of compatible devices before buying or undertake to use their service.
  • While WiFi calls does not use mobile phone tariffs minutes, your current data or WiFi for a fee.
  • WiFi calling is ideal for people with unlimited data plans or cost.

Free WiFi Calls in Urdu

Free WiFi Calls in Urdu

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