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Fring Voice and Video Calls

Fring Voice and Video Calls

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Fring is a free voice and video calls application that is designed for mobile chatting. It offers many useful extras, such as telephone. Other Fring participants can at any time be called free of charge, if an Internet connection exists.

Even in regular networks can make Fring video and voice calls, this fall at comparatively low fees. The current version of the app is now available in the App Store and the Android Market.

Fring Voice and Video Calls

This Fring offers an attractive alternative to Apple’s FaceTime, which works only on WiFi and does not allow for group discussions. Also, conventional video telephone can not keep up with the functionality of Fring and is also quite expensive.

For the VoIP or video telephone connection you are for the end user is no cost, only the internet charges, which will also not mind at a flat rate.

Also, no assumptions have to be met, the user only needs to have the current version of Fring for Symbian S60 system and be required to have an Internet connection to the mobile phone using the 3G network ( UMTS , HSDPA ) or WiFi.

Fring Video Calls Conferences

The messaging app Fring has long been offering the option of video call conferencing from the tablet or smartphone to run. Now Up to four users can entertain simultaneously and see each other.

Fring app for Android and iOS

Fring is the first application for Android and iOS that allows multiple parties simultaneously to hold a video call conference. Among the participants of such a conference iOS devices and Android models can coexist. The function is either via WiFi, as well as via the UMTS network available.

The app detects the data connection automatically and accordingly offers the best available video call quality. How well you can communicate thus depends not only on the camera and the microphone, but is significantly influenced by the transmission rate. Android users can still log in to use Fring and from there services such as MSN, Skype, Google Talk and other chat clients.

All 4 parties are shown simultaneously on the screen at such a conference. Requirement for this function is, of course, that one’s own smartphone has a front camera.

Fring Voice and Video Calls in Urdu

Fring voice and video calls in Urdu

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