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Green tea

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green tea for good healthGreen tea is known as one of the most useful products because it contains many substances that play an important role in the human body.

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Zinc present in large quantity, Zinc plays an important role in the normal course of pregnancy.

Green tea have lots of benefits for our health as well it protect us form many diseases and active our immune system to fight against diseases and infections.

  • If we drink 3 to 4 cups green tea daily then we don’t need to go to doctor.

Green tea benefits

1. It protects us from several diseases like Cancer, high blood sugar and inflammation.

  • It contain essential antibiotic’s that don’t let to dry our cells and give maximum protection against Cancer and HIV and AIDS.

2. Contain nutrients and ingredients that burns our body fats and protect us from obesity.

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It also helpful in weight loss, heart, liver and kidney diseases.

3. If you drink green tea regularly, it strengthen your mind, improve your mood, enhance memory and brain activity.

  • Also regularly intake slows down and stops the aging of cells and contributes to rejuvenation and long service life.

4. Improves the flexibility of the body and the nervous system. Also it is strong remedy for obesity.

  • Green tea is a beauty tool that expands the skin and opens the pores.

5. It helps to balance cholesterol levels in the blood and other pollutants, and deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

  • Because of its diuretic effect, it stimulates the excretory system, the kidneys and the bladder as well as high blood pressure and heart disease.

6. During the summer heat, it is best to drink because it cools the body. So the body temperature adapted to the external conditions.

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When we drink green tea after 10 minutes our skin pores open, body temperature drops by 2 degrees and we feel comfortable during the great overheating.

Green tea benefits in Urdu

benefits of green tea for good health in urdu

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