GT KIA Pro Car

GT KIA Pro Car

 Now the Koreans turn right on the new GT Kia Pro Ceed targeting the top dog of VW. Is a true amateur athletes from the otherwise rather brave Kia Ceed. Here we tell you about the latest model of GT Kia pro car along with its features, reviews, specs and price.

GT KIA Pro Car

GT Kia pro flexes the muscles after the Koreans have their car models previously harassed especially with high quality, lots of technology for very little money and a spectacular design, try it now for the first time with sportiness and bring the three door Ceed prices starting at 26,880 Dollars as GT in position.

Where was earlier a meager 135 hp conclusion, then suddenly 150 kW/204 hp in the data sheet and push the driver a broad grin across his face. Because with 50 % more power and 60 % more torque comes at last really fun, and it suddenly goes forward properly.

Features and Reviews of GT KIA pro

If up to 265 Nm grab on the front wheels, the GT Kia Pro Ceed suddenly feels gaanz, gaanz slightly. Very briefly feel it turbo lag, then uses the loader and pulls the car forward formally. The tachometer is skyrocketing, so just popping through the gears and gear in 7.7 seconds wipes the tachometer needle above the 100 mark.

Who remains on the gas, the pecking order in the compact class can bring a little confused because deadline is now only at 230 km/h The tachycardia is reinforced by a sound generator that floods the interior with special boxes. While the GT Kia pro outside remains relatively low, the driver therefore roar like the wild ride once the ears.

But the potent engine pays only half the battle. The other pays a significantly strammeres chassis, a stable brake and steering system in which the sport button now finally makes sense.

Closer to the tarmac and with noticeably better grip, the Korean GTI as an asphalt milling machine first quality with which one sweeps through curves and passionate love to the highway can be time left.

That he still can not quite keep up with his idol from Wolfsburg, is partly due to the performance gap of at least 16 hp and slightly lower top speed. Above all, it is because the Koreans leave it in normal suspension tuning, while VW incorporates the electronically controlled differential lock and compact so does the king of the curves.

Powerful engine, chassis crisp, throaty sound as GT runs the Pro Ceed finally looks as sporty as it is and the most passionate car brand of the climber. But quite uncompromising to give the Koreans the rage back then did not. While it will not give the GT as a combination but the normal five door Ceed they still take in the sports version of the program. A bit of common sense must eventually be.

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Price and Specs

However, this comes at a price For the GTI from Wolfsburg to pay at least 30,350 Dollars, the Gt Kia pro has been around for over 5000 Dollars less. And the more striking design he has on top of that. Although the Golf drives with the honeycomb in the fan grills, the red stripes in the radiator grille and the plaid seat covers back on with the traditional trappings of grassroots sport.

But because the Koreans, their reputation in the fast lane have yet to earn a bit thicker in addition to wider sills, larger spoilers for the body and striking Recaros for the interior, there is therefore mainly a spectacular daytime running lights with four blinding light blocks that almost force the sunglasses oncoming traffic and the Kia formally free burn the track with the usual restrained style of the Koreans that has precious little to do.

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