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Hair Care Tips in Urdu

Hair Care Tips in Urdu

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If we talk about beauty and attraction and forget about the hair how it is possible? Who didn’t want to get soft and shiny hair but for putting hairs soft, silky and shiny they want proper hair care tips.

Mostly after giving care to their skin, women’s are worried about the care of their hair. Ugly, dry and rough hairs put negative effect on you personality as well as on your beauty.

Hair Care Tips

Here in this article we submit essential “Hair care tips” for you. Both men and women can get benefit from these hair care tips and can put their hairs soft, silky and shiny.

Tips # 1

If you want beautiful, long, silky and shiny hairs then rub your hair with silk cloth. Due to rubbing of silk the charges are produce which can bring back shine and softness in your hair.

Tips # 2

Don’t you the cheap and non stander shampoos on your hairs. These types of cheap quality shampoos damage your hairs and as result your hairs get rough and start falling.

Tips # 3

Should not be combed his hair right after shampooing. Only when the hair is dried, combed through carefully with the brush. Blow dry, stressed how damaging healthy hair.

Tips # 4

If your hairs are slightly dull and lose their luster To prevent this, the secret of the stars should help. Simply rinse hair after lathering with a liter of still mineral water. Mineral water contains no lime, which could make the hair dull.

Tips # 5

Hair must be washed, and they have to be combed or brushed also. But that alone is not enough to look forward to healthy, shiny hair may. For hair care include hair treatments as well as hair balm or hair conditioners.

Tips # 6

If you want to give your fine hair more volume and grip, try gelatin. It locks in moisture and strengthens hair. Enter at shampooing 1 tablespoon gelatin powder for shampoo and wash the hair with this mixture as usual.

Alternatively, you can give the gelatin powder in your usual rinse or conditioner.

Hair Care Tips in Urdu

Hair Care Tips in Urdu

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