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Hair Loss Tips

hair loss tips in Urdu for men and women

Hair loss is a big problem for both men and women usually every women and women facing hair loss problem. This problem is mainly due to dandruff or use of shampoos and soaps. Nice hair and self confidence are closely linked.

Hair loss is therefore a nightmare come true, they are suffering greatly for women. Unlike men, women rarely get a complete baldness. You will discover more that the vertex thinning, you can find round bald patches, or note that the total will be less hair and scalp shines through.

If you are facing this problem then you should natural ingredients to prevent hair loss. Here below we are giving hair loss tips and hair loss tips for men and women in Urdu. By adopting these hair loss tips you can prevent you hairs from losing and can make your hairs long, strong and healthy.

Hair Loss Tips

  1. Coconut oil is best for hair if you give daily hair message with coconut oil this give your hair shine and support and prevent them from rupture along with that coconut oil give healthy growth to your hair and making them long and strong.
  2. Add some drops of Olive oil and you can also some drops of lemon juice in coconut oil. Now give the message of this mixture to your hairs this message give your hair strength and support as well as this message is good for headache and for peaceful sleep.
  3. Pure coconut oil is best for hair regrowth. Coconut oil give structural support and strength to your hairs from roots. You can get shiny and long hairs in few months if you regularly use coconut oil on you hairs.
  4. Fragrance of coconut oil put happy and peaceful feel in your life as well as make your hairs and head skull strong, soft and shiny. If you want dark black hair color then use coconut oil with olive oil or lemon juice twice for week on your hairs.
  5. If your hairs are short and thin and you want to make them long, shiny and silky then used olive oil, mustard oil or coconut oil regularly. Because coconut, mustard and olive oil’s contains natural pigments that are best for our hair growth.
  6. Approximately 25 percent of men begin balding by age of 30. If you don’t want to bald then use olive oil with lemon juice on that area of your skull where you have complaint and you feel that hairs are losing continuously.

Hair Loss Tips in Urdu

hair loss tips in urdu

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