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Hair Loss Tips

Hair Loss Tips for Men & Women

No need to panic to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day is normal. But what if the morning a lot of hairs lying on your pillow or you can find all the tufts in the brush? Keep calm and investigate the cause of hair loss with our hair loss tips. Normally, this is happening on our head in balance.

Hair falling out, new grow. A natural, healthy process, which has to do with the different growth phases of the hair. Get through this phase each other, which can lead to increased hair loss. If you suffer more than 6 months from hair loss, you should always make an appointment with a dermatologist or your family doctor.

Hair Loss Tips

Here we provide hair loss tips on possible causes and what can help against hair loss, hair loss tips in Urdu for men and women.

Tips # 1

Our endocrine system is highly sensitive even tiny changes can pretty upset. Usually, the female sex hormone called estrogen makes for beautiful hair density many women in pregnancy to know the sensational push up effect at that time.

However, is less friendly hair are male hormones, called androgens, which also occur in hormone metabolism and the woman be distributed under increasing stress. This disturbs the hormonal balance and can lead to hair loss.

Tips # 2

The only solution, scalp and hair to leave you alone. Use little shampoo, reduce the wash cycles and not stress your hair with too much styling. If possible, you should also rising tones or dyeing dispense a long time or at least switch to hair friendly products.

Tips # 3

Hair need a balanced, vitamin rich diet. People who rely very one sided, this can lead to hair loss. Crash diets are also real hair killer. Probably feels the forelock with a balanced diet of lots of fruits and vegetables, protein from milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and lean meats, fish, whole grains, nuts and high quality oils.

Tips # 4

If you manage that somehow not right with the best nutrition, special hair capsules with biotin, niacin, zinc, vitamin B6, B12, D and E may be useful in hair loss.

Tips # 5

Hair loss can also be the late result of an infection in the body. Who had the flu in the winter, in the spring may suddenly suffer from hair loss. Within the same period of about 3 months, however, the problem usually goes again, then the damaged hair roots have recovered.

Hair Loss Tips in Urdu

Hair Loss Tips in Urdu

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