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Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal Methods

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Most of us, men and women want to get rid of the excess hair growth in certain parts of the body. This desire goes back thousands of years and has become stronger, especially in today’s Beauty and Wellness oriented society.

Men generally want, in addition to the daily beard shaving, hair from face, chest and shoulders. Women want to remove facial hair from the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, hairline, bikini area, chest, legs and the forearms. Athletes make a complete hair removal for improved performance to use (e.g, swimmers, cyclists, runners).

Hair Removal Methods in Urdu

Hair Removal Methods

Here are the 5 most popular hair removal methods that you can use if you want to get rid of the evil body hair.

#1 Shaving

This is popular and easiest hair removal method. All you need to do is to shave the part where unwanted hair grows! You already have a hair free skin.However, this hair removal method may be your skin rough and dark as soon as you shave, start the thicker and darker part to grow.

#2 Plucking

This is the method that requires the longer time, and often this method hurts. Plucking does not affect the growth rate of hair, but continuous plucking the hair follicle damage the so stops the production of hair.

#3 Depilatories

This hair removal method uses chemicals to melt strands of hair. This process takes a few minutes only and hurts in the beginning. Chemicals remain for a few minutes, and if you have already gone the chemicals away swab, the hairs are. However, I would not recommend that you undergo this every time.

This hair removal method uses the harmful chemicals that can damage the skin and could kill healthy skin cells.

#4 Electrolysis

This hair removal method is considered to be one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted body hair coat permanently. This process is done by inserting fine needle individual follicle and destroys it in order to stop production.

This hair removal method requires great skill and precision, which is why this method should only be performed by certified professionals.

#5 Laser Hair Removal

By means of this process xenon hair follicles to stop burning the production of hair. As electrolysis treats this method hair follicles individually. Unwanted hair will permanently get rid of.

You should also know that laser hair removal method has to be done several times in order to maximize the quality of the process.

Hair Removal Methods in Urdu

Hair Removal Methods in Urdu

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